Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to normal!

Yay! Back on the floor! Which for the QA drones doesn't mean much; the next 2 days technically are OJT, but the higher-ups are still scrambling to get everything working on our computer systems (we're still missing MS Access and the email is sketchy)...I'm refreshed somehow, being back at work on sites. Got a possible lead on an HR position here, but I'm thinking it'll be a step down or a seriously lateral move, so not giving it much thought. Besides, the new hasn't worn off my training yet.

Surprised myself last between laundry loads and half watching TV, I frogged back to where I needed to on that soaker and restarted it. Had some hairy moments re-needling it (stitches that wanted to drop), but I got a crochet hook in there and stopped them - quite pleased with myself :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Trying not to be ticked to be getting more responsibility with the same pay, but somehow it keeps coming up in my head. Sure, when push comes to shove, QA's role in the process is minimal compared to the designers; but we're still talking 3 software tools (Dreamweaver, Site Builder, and Photoshop), and 3 other tools for recordkeeping that will now be part of my daily regimen on top of what I call regular work. Obviously, the money thoughts are spurring from my preconception planning, the concern about the added costs of a kid, combined with the knowledge that even with breastfeeding and cloth diapering, it's going to be a financial undertaking that will leave us assured, Husby's getting nudged a lot more about part-time work. He's weaning off one med so that they can play with the others, in the hopes of managing his pain better; but man, the waiting game gets to me. Gotta remind myself that any waiting sucks a lot more from his end, since he's still dealing with almost-daily pain...

Husby badly needs a haircut and has been trying to grow a beard....he's been wearing a ball cap out of doors to manage the hair and this morning, he looked like he belongs behind the wheel of a big rig :) Cute! Oh, I meant manly! He swears the beard isn't a symptom of depression; he just wants to see how it fills out. Surprised to find I don't hate it, but then again, I'm going on 11 years of being delightfully, wonderfully, sappily, puppy-dogs-rolling-in-the-clover in love with him, so there could be a pinch of bias...

Training sched still 9 to 6...had to vote and pay a bill downtown last night, which sucked away my evening time. I may never complain about my regular schedule again. How do working moms do it? It's so good I'm recognizing these issues now...I know there will be plenty of times when schedule management gets away from us; I don't aspire to perfection. But at least now, seeing how important it is for my mental health and our organization and success as a family to be prepared, to have the little things like dinner on the table at night and laundry done on the weekends...recognizing how vital that preparedness is...I'm learning about myself. And seeing where I need to lean on Husby and when. Learning to read when I'm being too soft or enabling him...

Worked the soaker last night...and it JUST dawned on me I may have some frogging ahead of me for tonight...crap! I started the pattern on smaller needles, but I'm pretty sure I decreased the cast-on as well, because I was trying for a considerably smaller soaker than the 12 months size on the naturally, I then put it down for a week to knock off the spiral scarf, picked it up again and completely forgot that I'd decreased the actual size, and followed the pattern as normal...explains why it looked like it was getting big; IT WAS! Sonofa...I'm going to have to rip it back to practically the ribbing...and I don't enjoy that. I have enough faith in my skill, but it's a painstaking process. Wah. Probably won't touch it tonight then, other than to make notes for myself on what the pattern's supposed to be under my desired parameters, cuz I have laundry duty tonight.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Feels like I'm in some kind of limbo. Weird. Training's winding down already from a QC perspective, but we're still stuck listening to process details that we won't have to worry about, so I'm torn between being a good little brown nose and taking notes on EVERYTHING, or just goofing off. So far, the goofing off is winning. We start training on the floor Thursday; I think I'll be able to get back to my old schedule then. Two more days. But who's counting...

My brain's naturally working on other stuff. I'd rather be knitting. Working on a soaker and want to start something with the LB Homespun in that gorgeous hunter green color. One or two aloes out front, the rest out back. Getting Husby to take out the clutter in the foyer. Didn't get to meatloaf this past weekend, so what the heck are we going to have for dinners this week besides that tuna stroganoff (not bad, by the way)? I know my head gets cluttered like this when I'm med-weaning; so long as I make myself some lists, I shouldn't get overwhelmed. I was highstrung last night after work, but again I could tell what was causing it, so I just puttered around a bit and tried to hold my tongue until I calmed down. One thing I need to work on though, is keeping off the computer after work...I think it's only contributing to my inability to wind down toward bedtime.

Today: voting after work, got another book on hold at the library, turning some money into money orders for bills, laundry...a tall order when I don't get off work til 6 p.m. Gotta remember to ask the front office about our washer/dryer options.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Dear Dad...

Thought about emailing you just now...was working an auto repair site and couldn't remember if brake shoes were the same thing as brake pads...I'm such a girl...suddenly, as though it happened yesterday and not 23 years ago, I was sitting on the floor of the garage (feels like Above All, but may have been Kemswick) watching you as you changed the brakes on the station wagon (the one I ended up destroying 4 days after getting my NC license). I looked up the difference in Google, and instantly I was crouched there while you showed me with your hands how when the pads get worn down, the shoes hit metal and you risk ruining the rotors, which gets into serious money and could be avoided by just keeping your eye on your maintenance schedule and an ear on your pads. I wasn't even old enough to drive yet. Was pleased with myself for remembering so quickly, once my mind was given a goose...but the realization that you weren't there to drop a quick line to, especially about something in which you prided yourself in your knowledge of, something that would initiate a common ground between us (which unfortunately there wasn't nearly enough of), brought the ache back anew. How the f*ck am I supposed to act normal when there's this gaping hole in my heart?

Made myself teary at work, thinking about this; then white-hot anger; then that bittersweet feeling again. I guess time does heal, but it definitely slices up the heart and dunks it in iodine in the process.


Looked up Aloe on the ASPCA website and will definitely be taking the plants back outside...hasn't appeared that Figaro has done anything other than wandering among the plants en route to window or chair, but I'm not taking any chances...she's not the smartest hairball...with all the dicking around the Web I did this past weekend, checking that never occurred to me. Stupid. Idiot. Potential cat killer. Want to call Les right now and have him check all the plants for nibble marks, but I'm stuck in training. I'm sure she's fine,, it pisses me off when I'm avoidably thoughtless. Bah!

Ok, enough self-flagellation...finished a scarf, tried a new recipe that wasn't horrible, puttered around this past weekend.

Crud, looks like I'm going back to real work...more later.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mental wanderings

Weekends really do rock. Woke up late for me, had set the alarm for 12 noon, never figuring I'd sleep that long, and woke at 11:45 to a call from Lil Sis. Couldn't believe I'd slept that long. Guess I needed it, though dreamt up a storm, so hard to accept it as restful sleep. Brain was definitely working on something.

Went outside after breakfast and spent about an hour weeding the aloe, throwing out some stuff, and bringing in all the plants except the Big Boys. When they're out on the porch, they're easy to ignore; we hardly ever go out there or even open the blinds that much, because the light's harsh on Husby. Having the plants on my worktable will motivate me to break 'em down as soon as I have some spare dough for soil, sand, and containers. Looked 'em over and I have at least 2 dozen aloes in various sizes. It's frickin' hilarious how prolific that plant is. I'll be able to give some away to friends, create my Mom's aloe grove at the house, and have some left over. Ack!

SO nice and chilly out! Felt so good working outside earlier, couldn't stop smiling. I was smart to tweak my meds during the winter; I'm feeling so good!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Quick post

Training making for long days...brain not crazy about 9 to 6 sched...I'll come out of this smelling like a rose though, so can't complain...

I'd better...starting to hate having to wait 2 weeks before doing anything more about my knee. It's not getting worse, but it's just that niggling thing that puts me off my game a touch.

Sad about Heath Ledger...have loved his talent since 10 Things I Hate About You.

Mom and Lil Sis painting NYC pink this trip, my beautiful ladies!

Only have to work 30 hours/week at my company to have bennies...VERY pleased with that news, from a preconception planning standpoint.

Ok, getting off this damn thing to spend time with yarn and sticks...

Monday, January 21, 2008


First, a HUGE hug goes out to my Mom. It would've been her 41st wedding anniversary with Dad today. God, I miss him.

So I normally work an 8 to 4:30 day with a half hour for lunch...worked out twice last week after work, and decided I don't mind it...I don't have a time of day where I'm especially perky (insert snicker here), but I'm not the greatest morning person, especially for something like sweating.

So starting tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks, I'm stuck in work training from 9 to 6 everyday.

Crap! It's hard enough to wind down after working out, but trying it after getting off that shift, combined with helping with dinner, grabbing stuff at the store, and whatnot just ain't gonna happen realistically...even with planning so that store errands don't have to occur after work, it's running too late for me. (Although, I'm going to need to burn off some energy after sitting trapped in a training room all day...hmm...) My almost-off-lithium brain takes its sweet time shutting down lately, and I'm managing it ok, haven't been sleep-deprived, but I'm glad I'm turning this issue over in my head, rather than just letting it happen and then wondering why I feel buried. Could it be I've finally learned?

So do I try to work out in the morning? That's going to have to occur, or maybe half and half; I mean, working out twice in one week...for Melanie, that's a roll! It's imperative I continue that roll so that it's in danger of becoming a habit. Then if I do end up having to have anything done to my knee, I can look back on this and say, guess what, Mel? After 30-something years of telling yourself that you don't possess the same motivation as Cyril or Meara for this type of thing, you know you proved yourself wrong, so that excuse is out the window!

The knee thing is it hasn't gotten better. I had quite a bit of relief with the med the ARNP gave me, but once I ran out of that, it went back to the way it was, which is stiff, unable to kneel on it, doesn't hold weight well, etc....normally not something for as much concern, but I started something pretty important last week: preconception planning. Had to move my OB/GYN appointment to early February, but I'm weaning off lithium, going to start weaning off caffeine (especially after a study NPR wrote about this morning), and educating myself on preconception issues for big women, as well as budgeting and family planning. So the last thing I want is limited mobility because of my knee, on top of whatever limited mobility holding an extra 20 or 30 pounds does to you (gods willing).

Last time I let Husby try on a sock I knit (she grumbles jokingly)...I asked him to try on my first Broadripple sock, because I was showing it off...he loved it so much, I'm making the 2nd one for him too.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Why they pay me the small bucks

Been one of those days...

"Our contractors can restore any home that has been on fire to get it back to where it was."

Gee, wordy much?

Psychologist site that works with people suffering from post dramatic stress disorder...

Guess it's kind of the same thing.

Sounds like something the TV writers are going to have once the strike is over.

One problem is I have great recall for the small stuff, and I've been here 8 years now, so you get to know certain things...obscure words ain't worth poop in the search engines, how different cities are spelled, etc. Had a client call in yesterday because we'd spelled Irvine, California, Ervine, and when I was QCing it, I saw we'd also spelled Santa Ana with 2 Ns (Anna). These are small businesses that can't afford us to begin with; they don't need excuses handed to them to cancel. Makes me want to stand up in my cube and let out a "BAH!"

But I refrain.

Perhaps I'm wound a little tight again. Had a site yesterday from a designer who can't seem to remember to initial-capitalize the conjugations of the verb "to be" (is, are, etc.), and had to resist the urge to go over to their desk and beat them to death with their own mouse. Yeah, might be time to decrease the caffeine.

Good thing there's no KB tonight; this post would have the ladies taking the pointy sticks outta my hands :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So blasted hard to break.

Got plenty of salad stuff in the fridge, well, lettuce and carrots anyway, and there's still pork and chicken in the freezer, but we didn't plan, so when we realized we were a pinch ahead on dough last night, we caved and went for fast food for dinner. That HAS to stop happening. I understand Husby's quandary; his teeth limit his choices, and when he's 'graining, it's hard to get him interested in anything foodwise. So it's time for us to expand our repertoire and plan better. Already decided I need to own one of the library books I found this week, because the healthy recipes I'm reading about sound so good! This is gonna require some investment and experimentation, but it has to happen...we're both so tired of not knowing what to do for dinner, and we're tired of our as-yet-limited range of choices. It's far too easy to cave and grab Chef (Boyardee) or a pizza when we can't decide, and that's crap...if I decide on pizza, I want it to be with dough and sauce from my freezer and veggies from my crisper, not Pizza Hut! Found a recipe for meatloaf muffins online, bet those are freezable too. I want more emergency food in the freezer for when our brains freeze on the decision. Soups, breads, casseroles, all soft, all freezable...only thing holding me back is me. Broken record, I know.

Dug out a UFO scarf last night and almost finished it and did some reading, didn't walk because my knee was really stiff. Did check out the new equipment in the workout room at my complex though, and I'm planning to try out the stationary bikes when I'm doing the laundry tonight.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Murphy, lazy...???

Why do I always have such energy when I'm trapped in my chair at work, but once I get home and have the ability to expend said energy, my body and brain hit sloth mode?

Sure, I work an 8-hour day like any shmo...but I'm on my ass for basically all of it, and the work ain't the most mentally taxing the back of my head is always planning, planning, planning, thinking of things I'd rather be doing, things I want to do in the near future, in the far, I mentioned to Les how I want a new bike when he gets his study money, but it's hard to justify that expense when I hardly ever exercise or go walking...guess I should get more active...and hop over to SCMoving and make myself some more lists...

Played on the computer last night and then touched up my nails, so never got to the knitting...pulled some more books out of the library that are demanding my attention, and I'm in the home stretch on the Kathy Reichs...

Updated SCMoving and MJHealth...determined to walk after work...feeling less whiny as the day progresses...

Monday, January 14, 2008


I was raised an omnivore, no choice in the matter, totally ingrained from birth. Once tried a spot of free thinking in junior high with an attempt at vegetarianism, and was quickly and soundly blocked on that concept. Which really was fine, I mean, heck, my favorite restaurant is living be damned, I love the flavor of well-prepared cow now and then. And my folks were raised to hate vegetables (eat everything on your plate or gag trying), so we grew up on potatoes and corn and not much else...I wouldn't have known how to be a vegetarian in those days if I tried.

But I've been reading more on healthy living for myself and the planet, and as a result, am trying to wean off certain foods and onto certain others...increase fruit and vegetable intake, decrease red meat consumption...keeping dairy and eggs for now, reminding myself that chocolate's a plant, so I'm not done shopping list has a conscience now, which makes it damn hard when money is tight, but that's a rant for another time. In the spirit of better eating and the recognition that for someone like me—who views chocolate as a food group, Chef Boyardee as a great emergency meal, and Doritos as a PMS staple—it's necessary to go into these changes with plenty of options, yesterday I purchased...Tofurky.

My only experience with the concept of tofu up until now, as been in miso soup, where the squishy little cubes were so vile I thought of spitting them across the room to see if they'd stick to the wall. To your average ('s a culture reference, folks, go with me here) omnivore, eating soybeans is hard enough to understand without curdling the little suckers. But darn it, I know myself, I've only been at this eating-vegetables thing for about a decade, and I need me some options if I'm going to make this work. I mentioned last week how I checked that teenage vegetarian book out of the library...same concept.

So lunch today was Tofurky with cheese and lettuce on whole wheat with some Boars' Head honey mustard to mask it even further...'cuz if they didn't get the consistency right on these deli slices, it was going to be a shudder-worthy meal. I mean, that miso literally gave me the heebie-jeebies. My verdict on the sandwich is was perfectly edible, though I'm very glad I put that other stuff on it to disguise it (Rome taking more than a brain was quite glad I wasn't actually tasting much of the actual Tofurky), but by the same token, I think I'd be happier trying something that wasn't quite so...processed. Your die-hard vegan would probably say I'm not giving it a fair shake, but it really is an individual taste thing. I have so much to learn, and part of the learning is shaping your opinions differently...I found nothing wrong with lunch today, coupled it with a rice cake and an orange; and I have trail mix and a granola bar to assuage the grazer in me later, so I'm really pleased with how I'm eating today....but whether or not I partake of the rest of the package of Tofurky in the coming week is unknown.

Really productive weekend!!! I have my dining room back! The place feels roomier, is roomier; the kitchen got cleaned too! Managed quality knitting time and slept late both days too!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Content with flashes of ornery...

So today I passed on my morning lithium (I'll still take my evening dose), because I remembered that the OB won't prescribe the fertility meds unless I've weaned off it specifically (causes early organ damage to microscopic humans). So ok, no problem...then I finally get my paycheck today (after a morning of delays because they just implemented a new payroll system), and the discovery that they've changed banks to exactly the one I currently owe money to, thus seriously complicating my ability to cash it, causes a significant emotional rush that makes me want to put my fist through my monitor...

Coincidence? Husby would say no. What's nice is after all these years, I can recognize mood swings for what they are, and warn my friends and family members if needed.

But that little storm is passed, money has been acquired, and I'm actually glad I ended up at one of those cash express places, because their prepaid debit card has direct deposit capability, which is worth a think.

Man, I'm glad it's Friday! I'm ready for a weekend, a little relaxing, knitting, reading, a lot of cleaning...might even treat myself to some Bud for the Jags game. We usually don't watch their games, because we're superstititious and when we watch, they tend to lose...but with the deck so stacked against us, I may be able to watch and just enjoy it for its own sake.

Been blog trolling this week...there's some neat new ones to the right.

Apparently there's a cosmic rule that if I'm frequenting a gas station I've never been to before, I'm going to be approached by someone with their hand out. Doesn't matter what side of town either...last time I was on upper Philips Highway where it's certainly understandable (you can't be female in that area without being offered $10 for recreational substances or oral sex)...but today I was in Mandarin, for gosh sakes! Rolled into the first one I saw after cashing my check, because I was suspecting the vehicle was hitting fume status, and this bearded individual driving a van with electric tape for windows asks for gas money because they're trying to get to NC. Now I just spent the week living off a Publix gift card and praying the gas in our car would make it to Friday, so why do I feel guilty for not giving him a couple of bucks? If I had a couple of bucks to spare, it'd be going in my savings, not to Mr. Scruffy with his unique means of transportation. Actually it occured right after I'd left the cash express place, so half my brain was wondering if he'd followed me from there, so I ended the communication quickly and bailed. Paranoia or prudence? In this city, the latter...that direct deposit prepaid card's looking better and better; I can't stand having that much cash on my person.

Guess I'll throw half my brain into work...have a great weekend, y'all!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Knowledge is power

Schoolhouse Rock!
JK...I'm enjoying a postmenstrual mood upswing, so I updated the other blogs first today and got my brain turning about projects for the weekend.

I'll admit I'm deeply concerned about global warming and its effects on our environment (check out Tiny Farm Blog for a good example of the freakish January thaw - that's southern Ontario, folks!), but it's awfully hard to complain about the weather when I just sat outside in my short sleeves and ate lunch in sunshine and 70 degrees F. The clouds are light, the blue sky is gorgeous, and the winds are picking up. I felt so freakin' relaxed out there. Guess I've got a little Southern in me after all. Only took 25 years.

Feels like a no-progress week, knitting-wise, because I've been doing a row here, a row there; but there's plenty on the needles to keep my attention.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


So my favorite boss in this vacuum of an office, the one who reminds me quite a bit of Dad, went home from work last Wednesday to find that his perfectly healthy 54-year-old wife had passed away. We drones didn't hear anything more than that, so the assumption is aneurysm or stroke. I heard that and all I could think was, my god, at least with Dad, we were given 36 hours to get used to the idea. She was a perfectly nice lady whom I'd trained to work QC remotely; she leaves behind Joel, a grown daughter, and assorted family.

Can't think about this too hard, because it sets my brain in a's hard enough to think about the drunk driver that could take you while you're heading to the store for milk; that at least is a cause-and-effect kind of thing, but for God to reach down and pluck you from the fold so's rubber room material. But I certainly empathize with Joel, so I slid a sympathy card under his office door the other day. He's coming back to work pretty quickly, half day here, half day there; probably keeping him sane.

Today mid-morning, I'm typing away on Mods and suddenly feel two hands on my shoulders. He leans down to thank me and I reach a hand up for a quick awkward hug. As quickly as he appears, he's heading back down the aisle, and it's a good thing because I surprised myself by tearing up, and as I'm catching my breath and regaining control I realize why: our hug was very similar to what I felt on Samhain night with Dad. My missing him flared up anew, but instead of being accompanied by anger at the loss, there's this bittersweet feeling. And I'm glad, because the anger is such a draining emotion.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008, Tuesday :(

Woke up this morning certain that it was Wednesday...was a relief, since money and gas are low and Friday's a payday. Was turning off the interstate when a radio DJ informed me it was actually Tuesday, and I was surprised and had to think for a minute. And then I wanted to go burn down said DJ's house on my way back to bed.

Alas, I'm at work, such as it is, with low queues and busywork being crafted for our's damn scary; I mean, how do you even think of looking for something better, when the economy is in its current laughable state? I want so badly to start paying off our debts and get us into a house, ANY house...the lease comes to an end again this April, and we'll renew, because we'll be in no position yet to do otherwise; and I just know they're going to jack our rent up to market value at least...with all the improvements they're doing to our complex, I don't think it's cynicism to expect at least that. They've put aeration fountains in all the retention ponds, new equipment in the workout room, and the porches will be screened in and remodeled this year, just for starters. Just makes me sad and frustrated, because if I'm going to be paying that, I'd rather it be for a bigger place or a micro-yard. One thing's for sure: I'm going to find a way to afford the added expense of the washer/dryer this year.

Weather turned, so mittens on the back burner...probably one of those projects that I'll play with all year. Found a one-skein cowl pattern for that KnitPicks yarn I'm foaming over, and started a new sunglasses case in an olive green, mainly because I was too lazy to look for the old one, and my hard case's really nice to have this skill, to have something break and instead of thinking, crap, have to buy a new one, you think, heck, I'll just make a new one! And then the satisfaction of having that something handmade...I'm forever grateful to Terra and ruthee for teaching me the basics.

Also thumbed through some new library books last night. I'm thinking of trying my hand at vegetarian cooking, so naturally our freezer is currently in good shape, packed with pig, cow, and chicken; and the only veggies in the house are beans. Still, it's something I'm studying, because I'm at a weird crossroads right now where food's concerned. Luckily the books I found are quite alternatives for the iron and B12 you may lose by modifying your diet in this manner, and I grabbed one for teens, that has recipes geared toward the more junk-food minded individuals. That's the only way I'll manage something like this, is if I have lots of viable alternatives to my current abysmal dietary habits. Keeping eggs and dairy for now, and integrating this whole idea pretty slowly; just learning how to read labels and such.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Just a few things

Good, productive day Sunday... cleaned out the dressing area in our bed/bath room, which resulted in throwing out three bags of crap we don't use, has expired, etc. It boggles my mind the stuff we've kept under the guise of "well, when we live in a house someday..." or "well, I don't use it now, but I might later..." I mean, am I ever really going to need a diffuser hair dryer again? Much as I dream of giving my mop Minnie Driveresque curls someday, I know better. Everything with an expiration date from the last century got tossed too.

Then later in the day, took the tree down. I hadn't heard before about it being bad luck if it stays up past Epiphany/Twelfth Night, but given the lousyness of last year, I wasn't taking any chances. Not that I'm superstitious or anything... :)

Took down Kylie's pic, thanks to one of those commercials warning preteens and teens about being too open online...I watch plenty of procedural dramas, so it's not like I don't know better. An occasional pic on a daily entry is ok, but leaving her up there...would rather not have my blog frequented daily by the monkey-spanking closet cases.

Started a sweater with the wealth of Vanna's Choice Lion Brand I procured at Flash Your Stash...can tell it's going to be a week of started (and frogged and restarted...) projects, as there's a couple of new yarns in my stash that demand attention. Actually glad I didn't get rid of the Shadow Grape Jelly from Knitpicks that I was trying to pawn off on everyone, because I know deep down I'd like to make the Irish Diamond Shawl with it...just don't have the concentration back yet for that level of lace. Will be trolling online this week for a one-skein wonder as well, because I got a pretty skein of Knitpicks merino in a green/blue/beige colorway that I adore, that appears to be discontinued (hence can't order more skeins).

Starting to rally again...feels good.

Friday, January 04, 2008


That title says it all. The holidays are over, I'm back to being plain bored with my job, and weekends are a delicious respite. At least the pressure's off at my job for now; the big account was slain admirably over the holiday, and my boss is in Miami tying up loose ends because her husband's about a month away from being deployed to Iraq. Say some prayers.

Little warmer today, starting off in the 30s. Want to hear why Floridians are dangerous in this weather? Allow me to elaborate on that 10-car pileup in the Argyle Forest area, that I mentioned yesterday. Ice was the culprit, not because we had precipitation, but because the landscapers in charge of that stretch of road left the sprinklers on all night. I can't be the only one who is flabbergasted by a story like that.

Saturday's Flash Your Stash, an excuse for we Knitting Bitches to get together, paw each other's yarn, and trade if desired. Only if you're a knitter or crocheter, will you understand the allure of this activity; I'm sure to the layperson it sounds nuts. But everyone usually comes away with some nice finds, plus we haven't been together as a group since way before the holidays, so it'll be nice to catch up.

I'm using my knee as an excuse to take it easy, which is good, actually allowing it to heal; but it's resulting in my not-enough-hours-in-the-day restlessness. I want to start reorganizing the dining room, but I don't want to take the tree down yet, because the lights are plain pretty there. We're thinking of stringing one or two strands around the house. I want to clean the dressing area and move furniture in the bedroom, but other things get in the way, like knitting or CSI. Definitely time to make some lists.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

26 degrees

Florida is freaking out. There were accidents in Argyle today due to ice. It took people 24 hours to figure out they should be wearing heavier clothes; the number of folks I saw trying to layer under glorified windbreakers yesterday was staggering. The homeless are off the streets and in the church basements hopefully; no deaths reported yet. Did have our first murder of the year though. Man, I don't want to raise my imaginery kids in this city.

Did find my gloves though, and started a pair of mittens on the needles last night. In a hilarious bit of irony, after spending yesterday afternoon looking forward to knitting mittens when I got home from work, I grab the mail and find an envelope from a knitting magazine trying to solicit a subscription, which also contains...a free pattern for mittens! It's a sign! This being Florida, I'm making 'em out of sock's not like I'm going to need White Buffalo and fleece lining down here.

Gonna have to spend the day distracting myself from philosophical of my bosses, a really dear guy who reminds me just a bit of my dad, really one of my favorite people at work, lost his wife unexpectedly yesterday. It's got me thinking about how much control we really have in this life, how much can be based on fate...damned unsettling. I'm trying to enjoy a bag of Skittles, and it feels like each one is a fresh nail in my coffin. Dramatic, sure, but also (again, always again) illuminating. Can I go home and exercise now please?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Made my third blog public, just for kicks...I'm thinking it'll help me be more accountable to me, health and fitness-wise. We'll see...

I definitely inherited my dad's's cold as a witch's tit out there! I love it, am completely cozy in my scarves and coats, but the ache in my fingers begins within seconds of being outside. Gonna go home and start a pair of mittens like, tonight! With a little luck, they'll be done in time for our first warm streak ::wry grin::

Happy New Year

New year, fresh start, blah, blah...

Mid-week holidays are weird...

Cold enough to hang meat in my office...I'm pretty sure my hair's refusing to dry in protest. I wouldn't mind, except it's awkward to edit sites with my bulky coat on...temps this morning in the high 20s!!! I went to work bundled up and grinning like a maniac, while most other Floridians have this dazed WTF look on their faces. Tomorrow morning's supposed to be even worse, high teens! I'll be getting my annual wear out of my wool coat this week.

Haven't been in the mood to knit in days, so naturally now that I'm at work...did some brainstorming on creating a weaving loom yesterday, but for right now it would require supplies I don't possess, so it's probably on the back burner. Started some reading on gardening, and I'm rereading Kingsolver's latest where she and her fam tried to live off their farm and locally for a a $5 gift card from Target that'll probably go toward topsoil...I didn't cover the aloe last night because a) it's ridiculously hardy, and b) I think deep down I'm hoping a little of it will die off because I plain don't have the extra dough to be buying smaller containers to break down those plants and give 'em away. Feel bad about that, but it's the truth. I'm probably going to be sneaking some of it onto my apartment complex's property, as well as my mom's side yards (shh, she doesn't know yet!).

Knee's an exercise in patience...the med is working, it's barely stiff or sore anymore, but I can tell I shouldn't be taking long walks with it yet...went for a quick grocery shop yesterday without the brace and was definitely fatigued when I got home. Maybe next week, I'll try some gentle exercises, like The Bean. Meantime, tucking slowly into cluttered apartment and making plans...I love the freshness of a new year :)