Thursday, January 03, 2008

26 degrees

Florida is freaking out. There were accidents in Argyle today due to ice. It took people 24 hours to figure out they should be wearing heavier clothes; the number of folks I saw trying to layer under glorified windbreakers yesterday was staggering. The homeless are off the streets and in the church basements hopefully; no deaths reported yet. Did have our first murder of the year though. Man, I don't want to raise my imaginery kids in this city.

Did find my gloves though, and started a pair of mittens on the needles last night. In a hilarious bit of irony, after spending yesterday afternoon looking forward to knitting mittens when I got home from work, I grab the mail and find an envelope from a knitting magazine trying to solicit a subscription, which also contains...a free pattern for mittens! It's a sign! This being Florida, I'm making 'em out of sock's not like I'm going to need White Buffalo and fleece lining down here.

Gonna have to spend the day distracting myself from philosophical of my bosses, a really dear guy who reminds me just a bit of my dad, really one of my favorite people at work, lost his wife unexpectedly yesterday. It's got me thinking about how much control we really have in this life, how much can be based on fate...damned unsettling. I'm trying to enjoy a bag of Skittles, and it feels like each one is a fresh nail in my coffin. Dramatic, sure, but also (again, always again) illuminating. Can I go home and exercise now please?

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