Friday, September 30, 2005


Well. mr. sock has suffered a setback. I have no idea how I picked up enough stitches to give him severe elephant ankle, but that's what happened...madam ruthee took one look at it and said, give it here...and proceeded to frog 2 inches. After the smelling salts took effect, I thanked her and proceeded to start turning the heel all over again...but my brain wasn't in it or something, because I goofed up again and spent the evening unknitting...and I think there's still some unknitting to do, which I'll probably try to do tonight after the inlaws leave, because ALEXA'S YARN HAS ARRIVED!!!

10 balls of White Buffalo (Straw) that we found for a steal online, and the Elann shipment of White Buffalo trim (Persimmon) and Clover circulars is in the package mailbox in my section, I'm 90% sure. The dingbat mail carrier left a note in my box to return the key and that my package was still in the lower box...problem is, she never gave me the key in the first place! So I'm hoping against hope she delivers it to my door today; otherwise I'm gonna have to catch her tomorrow after the Autism walk and straighten it all out. I feel like it's being held hostage!

I think I'm going to try the Color Waves pattern for the first 20 inches or so, then work the V-neck according to the ruthee book I was perusing last night. I should look at that Poncho and Wrap book she had too, make sure I understand what I'm doing. I'd love to do it all in one piece, but realistically that's in the we'll see column.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

IIIIIIII'm so sad and lonely......

That's mr. sock singing...after all the attention I gave him this weekend, he gets neglected on UFO day. I went to the library after work and found some books on Africa that caught my interest, plus making time to workout definitely changes my evening routine. It's SO worth it though. Just a 1/2 hour on the treadmill is doing wonders for my spirits. I'm already making plans to decrease the extra antidepressant med I'm on, because I've noticed since working out, these little orgasmic rushes that come at me for no reason, and while they're fun, it's a little embarassing to be walking around with THAT kind of smile on your face.

Hoping to see yarn around Thursday via UPS...gotta look for my spindle tonight, I think it's in the plastic cauldron. Don't know how I'm going to keep the smoke smell off of this project...if I close the bedroom vents, open the window, and towel the space under the door, it should help. Luckily it's cooling off just enough where knitting on the porch in the evenings isn't a completely insane proposition. And of course, we'll dry clean it before we mail it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm a tease

Well, I was gonna work on mr. sock again last night, but first I had to cook dinner (tried a new recipe, which turned out to be tasty and scary at the same time), and by the time I was done doing that, Alexa called and we spent an hour on the phone figuring out the particulars for the yarn for her poncho. She ordered the stuff and I should see it in a week or so; she'd love to have it by Halloween, which is doable, but will require due diligence on my part. I'm looking for more pattern ideas, because it'd be easier to knit it front to back but that makes the neck not so easy...I don't think it'd make the neck all that hard, really just a matter of decreasing on one side, picking up on the other. I'm going to print out the patterns, look for others, and get input from the bitches tonight.

I love Alexa, she's a really neat person. She's my oldest friend; we were in 4th grade together with Mr. Pratt. Very intelligent, spent a year in Egypt in high school, got her degree from MIT. Married her college sweetheart and they have 2 girls. I ache to visit them; they live in Salem, Mass. Soon.....

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

mr. sock's not lonely anymore!

I think I'm going to devote my time to him solely, until I get the yarn for Alexa's poncho. I worked him last night and he was quite happy, though I think I'm going to have to ignore the directions a bit. I made the heel flap the full 2¾ inches because I'm hoping to wear these myself someday, so the number of stitches I'm working now on the gusset decrease is significantly larger than what the pattern thinks I should have. The pattern wants decreases on every other row, but I think I'm going to have to do at least every row or else the foot part of this sock's going to be HUGE!

At least I have a decent stash now, for when I do get the time to create the projects I have in mind...I've become the queen of Wool Ease, and while I'm not always crazy about how stretchy it is (finding it difficult to control on metal needles), I now have 3, 3-packs at the ready, all earmarked for future projects.

Alexa and I are hashing out her desires on the poncho; then she'll order the yarn for me. I hope to be working with a pretty basic pattern from, with a big keyhole neck so she can wear it over her sling and still have access/breathe room for Maria. She found White Buffalo unspun online, which I'm a little skittish about, but I have that hand spindle if it gets out of control, and plenty of helpers in my bitches when I get freaked.

On that other topic, I worked out last night. Ow. Recognizing the long road ahead, I told Kellye I'd be there for the Autism walk to support her, but that walking was probably out. I feel OK about doing the 3 miles this Saturday for Making Strides because it's on road, but beach is quite another story. I'll clap and cheer and knit while they're walking. It's going to take more than a year easily, probably, to lose this weight, but at least I'm starting in a realistic mindset. Funny thing is, even my realistic mindset needs tweaking--I did an old Kathy Smith tape yesterday that I've always considered her easiest, because I have a great tendency to do too much right out of the gate and set myself up for failure. Imagine my surprise when the easiest tape turns out to make me as sore as Making Strides did 2 years ago! That's ok though; a little modifying of the ole expectations and we're still on track. I feel very strong :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Poor mr. sock, neglected again!

So I'm sorting laundry last night, always a joy, and I happen across an old pair of jeans that are worn through the seat; must've been tossed there haphazardly when the room was smithereened last week from the contractors. So I turn them into cutoffs and I'm all set to toss the legs in the trash, when it dawns on me—yoga mat bag! I had just come from Target where I'd bought a yoga strap and new exercise mat for situps and such (shorter and more cushiony than a yoga mat, already have one of those), and found myself gazing wistfully at the yoga mat bags they have, rather fashionable looking things starting at $19.99. Well, I'm lucky I can afford the yoga strap right now, so I didn't give 'em much more than a second glance, but it was still on my mind. Even though my yoga is done out of the public eye, I'd still like something other than the box it came in for storage purposes. So when I found myself in possession of denim material almost the perfect length for a yoga mat bag, well, my new project light went on in my head, and my knitting went to the side. By end of night, the laundry was done and I'd hand-sewn one leg shut. I still need to add some material from the other leg and figure out how to fashion a flap for opening and closing, and a strap, which'll also probably need to be hand-sewn because I'm an amateur who's not to be trusted with sewing in the round on a machine with tension issues—would definitely cause tension issues with the sewer as well. Still, felt quite useful while doing this. Most of my knitting's going to the side soon anyway, in favor of Alexa's poncho. We're hashing out possible yarns right now. I'm going to see if I can do a poncho for Lena (her 3 year old) at the same time; I think it'd be neat if they matched. Love these delusions of aptitude!

Off topic, but important to me...the workout stuff was purchased because of a weird dream I had. My biological clock is so out of control, I dreamed I was pregnant. I must've been feeling my belly while I slept, because in my dream I was 7 months along, but it sure didn't feel like it. I just got why I was 7 months along...I'd watched parts of Red Carpet Emmys and Jen Garner's in her 7th month...anyway, the feelings this dream evoked, about something growing inside of me, can't even be called was primal and natural, as in linked somehow with nature at its deepest source. I spent yesterday analyzing it with one half of my head (the other half had to edit a website or two), and realized I'd reached a turning point. I'd say "again" because I've certainly had these little epiphanies before, but something's different. It wasn't just that I don't want to be pregnant in this body (which is 85 pounds more than I'd like to be); it's that life is harder to live in this body, period. Simple things like going up and down stairs, carrying boxes and bags, standing up from a damn sitting position in the bathtub are a chore that's become embarassing. I spent the day 2 Sundays ago cleaning the dining room. It meant moving a wealth of shit around, packing a box or two, placing them in different spots, reorganizing the bookcases—the room was a disaster area from noon to 9 that day. Got a lot accomplished, but it's all indoor stuff, simple tasks, so you don't think about what muscles you're using. I was so freakin' sore the next day, you'd think I'd walked 10 miles! I probably won't be that sore doing the 3 mile this weekend. It's sobering when you're otherwise healthy, in your mid-30s, with no history of respiratory issues, and you're getting winded climbing the stairs to your apartment with stuff in your hands. So maybe it's finally time to take care of me.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Delusions of aptitude

ACK! The most unlikely thing has occurred! My delusions of aptitude have rubbed off on a friend!

Alexa sent me an email asking if I'd think about knitting her a poncho. She's looking for something to wear this winter over Maria and her sling (4-month old), with a keyhole neck for easy access to the little moose (the kid has godfather-esque cheeks :)

I think I need to send her a picture of the hunchback poncho I did for Meara, give her a chance to reconsider...

Actually the dealbreaker may be the fact that I live in a smoker's house; she's allergic and asthmatic and can't have any of that, but I promised to keep the project out of the house somehow and to dry clean it before I send it to her, if it gets that far...she wants to pay me a commission for it, but I'd do it for an early birthday present (she's December 16). She's my oldest friend and someone I really admire.

So I sent her some links to Lion Brand illustrating what I think she's looking for, and we'll see. Might be a good thing if I had like, just one project to focus on, because I have so many things I'm trying to get on the needles right now, it's a wonder anything's getting done.
  • Burgundy shawl being blatantly ignored
  • Purple poncho getting about 2 rows worked a week
  • Pink baby hat for absolutely no reason other than I just got a pair of #5 circulars from a friend
  • mr. sock, poor neglected soul that he is
  • Mixed brown rice knit shawl
  • Wanting to start:
    —Cozy shawl from Knitty in Dark Rose
    —Aibhleen cowl from Knitty in Blue Mist

I think I'm missing something there...And still haven't found a pattern I'm happy with to knit something for the adorable hubby...

I don't consider myself that ADD, when the meds are cooperating, but boy, my projects sure illustrate something different! At least I keep the number I bring to KB at about 3.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I picked up the cowl this morning, thinking of bringing it with because I've got blasted Circle tonight, and there are dropped stitches ::jumps up and down, throwing tantrum:: I remember last time I stopped I was in the process of unknitting a small screwup, but now ACK! I'm bringing it tomorrow night and praying Teresa shows because I'm really happy with what I've got so far and I don't wanna start over :(

I'm ready for Yarn Harlot's 2nd book to come out NOW...Man, I like her writing! Would also love to start another lace-type shawl/throw pattern but haven't found anything yet that doesn't intimidate or terrify me. I've got 3 double skeins of a really nice mixed brown Wool Ease sitting in a corner pleading "knit me!"

Monday, September 12, 2005

Old age and knitting

I'm wracking my brain to think of knitting I did this past weekend and coming up dry. Nada. Damn. After reading my fave blog, the Yarn Harlot, this ticks me off...not in the way you'd think tho'...I have a pal who agrees with me that when we read Starhawk's blog, we end up feeling more inadequate than inspired; but since knitting has become an actual enjoyable hobby, I can read the Yarn Harlot and have my delusions of aptitude without the immediate feeling of failure. I can go to afterward, look at a piquant pattern and think, yeah, ok, it's doable; sure I'm still scared of cables and am practically the queen of stockinette, but yeah, maybe...

But I turned 36 on Friday. Wasn't exactly happy about it. I don't have kids yet. I'm not happy in my job. My husband's been out of work like, forever. We live in a holding pattern. And my husby, whom I can't say enough good things about, does have reality issues relating to we were talking halfhandedly the other day about how far apart we want the kids, and he says, well, sure we'll wait like, a year...and I enlightened him to the fact that I'd rather have the 1st one out of diapers before the 2nd makes an appearance (if we can have 2, goddess willing). So I got a little toasty on Friday night (Dave & Buster's—screw the games in my book, their food is AWESOME!!!), and spent Saturday wondering why I needed 3 naps. I wasn't headachy, because unfortunately I have a great constitution for the stuff, but my body felt shredded. Which really pissed me off because I had things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. Luckily I woke up Sunday energized, and just TORE into our dining area, aka catchall of the house, and while it's by no means finished, I'm quite happy with the initial results. And completely sore from the work. Also made it out to the porch to give the plants some TLC and assess the rust on our bikes, because the Yarn Harlot's inspiring me in that regard too.

Almost broke my venting rule on this blog, but I figure since I mentioned the Yarn Harlot quite a few times, it slips in under the wire. Today's UFO Monday...will probably work on the purple poncho or the heinous burgundy wrap. Don't think that one'll go to Nanie after all; the yarn's an embarassment!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I'm up to my stash in Wool Ease!

Spent Labor Day weekend in Aiken, SC, visiting the in-laws...feels weird calling them that, they're nicer than my folks...nice little town, real small-town feel to the shops and streets, plus it's the South, the true South, so the people are friendlier, say hello to you on the street when you're a total stranger, hold the door open for you, that sort of thing.

I discovered the local yarn shop, because I went up there wanting to buy a pair of circulars to make the Aveleen (sp) cowl from Knitty. Lots of cross-stitch and needlepoint in front, decent yarn and needle section in back with good names like Rowan and Lorna's Laces. Found my needles there, but the prize was afterward; the mom-in-law and I went to a store called Tuesday Morning. It's mainly filled with crap--knickknacks, knockoffs, everything from pots and pans to linens to baby clothes to garden wrought iron garbage. But there in the back on an endcap next to a truly pitiful display of plastic needles and sewing notions, was the gold mine--Lion Brand Wool Ease in non-hideous colors, 3 to a bag for $7.99. I snatched up a bag of Dark Rose Heather for the cowl, and a bag of this 3-tone brown for another wrap I've been wanting to make.

Finally my stash is starting to look like...a stash! Add to that the Encore I'm trying/hoping to acquire from Terra/Teresa/Zee, whomever the heck has it from PPD, and I'm getting positively spoiled! I'm afraid I don't count what Steph and Ginny gave me, because most of that is too old or too ugly to use, so I'll probably try to donate it somewhere. Wonder if Katrina's survivors could use some yarn?