Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year

New year, fresh start, blah, blah...

Mid-week holidays are weird...

Cold enough to hang meat in my office...I'm pretty sure my hair's refusing to dry in protest. I wouldn't mind, except it's awkward to edit sites with my bulky coat on...temps this morning in the high 20s!!! I went to work bundled up and grinning like a maniac, while most other Floridians have this dazed WTF look on their faces. Tomorrow morning's supposed to be even worse, high teens! I'll be getting my annual wear out of my wool coat this week.

Haven't been in the mood to knit in days, so naturally now that I'm at work...did some brainstorming on creating a weaving loom yesterday, but for right now it would require supplies I don't possess, so it's probably on the back burner. Started some reading on gardening, and I'm rereading Kingsolver's latest where she and her fam tried to live off their farm and locally for a a $5 gift card from Target that'll probably go toward topsoil...I didn't cover the aloe last night because a) it's ridiculously hardy, and b) I think deep down I'm hoping a little of it will die off because I plain don't have the extra dough to be buying smaller containers to break down those plants and give 'em away. Feel bad about that, but it's the truth. I'm probably going to be sneaking some of it onto my apartment complex's property, as well as my mom's side yards (shh, she doesn't know yet!).

Knee's an exercise in patience...the med is working, it's barely stiff or sore anymore, but I can tell I shouldn't be taking long walks with it yet...went for a quick grocery shop yesterday without the brace and was definitely fatigued when I got home. Maybe next week, I'll try some gentle exercises, like The Bean. Meantime, tucking slowly into cluttered apartment and making plans...I love the freshness of a new year :)

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