Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wednesday...no, Tuesday :(

Woke up this morning certain that it was Wednesday...was a relief, since money and gas are low and Friday's a payday. Was turning off the interstate when a radio DJ informed me it was actually Tuesday, and I was surprised and had to think for a minute. And then I wanted to go burn down said DJ's house on my way back to bed.

Alas, I'm at work, such as it is, with low queues and busywork being crafted for our amusement...it's damn scary; I mean, how do you even think of looking for something better, when the economy is in its current laughable state? I want so badly to start paying off our debts and get us into a house, ANY house...the lease comes to an end again this April, and we'll renew, because we'll be in no position yet to do otherwise; and I just know they're going to jack our rent up to market value at least...with all the improvements they're doing to our complex, I don't think it's cynicism to expect at least that. They've put aeration fountains in all the retention ponds, new equipment in the workout room, and the porches will be screened in and remodeled this year, just for starters. Just makes me sad and frustrated, because if I'm going to be paying that, I'd rather it be for a bigger place or a micro-yard. One thing's for sure: I'm going to find a way to afford the added expense of the washer/dryer this year.

Weather turned, so mittens on the back burner...probably one of those projects that I'll play with all year. Found a one-skein cowl pattern for that KnitPicks yarn I'm foaming over, and started a new sunglasses case in an olive green, mainly because I was too lazy to look for the old one, and my hard case broke...it's really nice to have this skill, to have something break and instead of thinking, crap, have to buy a new one, you think, heck, I'll just make a new one! And then the satisfaction of having that something handmade...I'm forever grateful to Terra and ruthee for teaching me the basics.

Also thumbed through some new library books last night. I'm thinking of trying my hand at vegetarian cooking, so naturally our freezer is currently in good shape, packed with pig, cow, and chicken; and the only veggies in the house are beans. Still, it's something I'm studying, because I'm at a weird crossroads right now where food's concerned. Luckily the books I found are quite informative...giving alternatives for the iron and B12 you may lose by modifying your diet in this manner, and I grabbed one for teens, that has recipes geared toward the more junk-food minded individuals. That's the only way I'll manage something like this, is if I have lots of viable alternatives to my current abysmal dietary habits. Keeping eggs and dairy for now, and integrating this whole idea pretty slowly; just learning how to read labels and such.

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