Monday, January 07, 2008

Just a few things

Good, productive day Sunday... cleaned out the dressing area in our bed/bath room, which resulted in throwing out three bags of crap we don't use, has expired, etc. It boggles my mind the stuff we've kept under the guise of "well, when we live in a house someday..." or "well, I don't use it now, but I might later..." I mean, am I ever really going to need a diffuser hair dryer again? Much as I dream of giving my mop Minnie Driveresque curls someday, I know better. Everything with an expiration date from the last century got tossed too.

Then later in the day, took the tree down. I hadn't heard before about it being bad luck if it stays up past Epiphany/Twelfth Night, but given the lousyness of last year, I wasn't taking any chances. Not that I'm superstitious or anything... :)

Took down Kylie's pic, thanks to one of those commercials warning preteens and teens about being too open online...I watch plenty of procedural dramas, so it's not like I don't know better. An occasional pic on a daily entry is ok, but leaving her up there...would rather not have my blog frequented daily by the monkey-spanking closet cases.

Started a sweater with the wealth of Vanna's Choice Lion Brand I procured at Flash Your Stash...can tell it's going to be a week of started (and frogged and restarted...) projects, as there's a couple of new yarns in my stash that demand attention. Actually glad I didn't get rid of the Shadow Grape Jelly from Knitpicks that I was trying to pawn off on everyone, because I know deep down I'd like to make the Irish Diamond Shawl with it...just don't have the concentration back yet for that level of lace. Will be trolling online this week for a one-skein wonder as well, because I got a pretty skein of Knitpicks merino in a green/blue/beige colorway that I adore, that appears to be discontinued (hence can't order more skeins).

Starting to rally again...feels good.

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