Monday, January 21, 2008


First, a HUGE hug goes out to my Mom. It would've been her 41st wedding anniversary with Dad today. God, I miss him.

So I normally work an 8 to 4:30 day with a half hour for lunch...worked out twice last week after work, and decided I don't mind it...I don't have a time of day where I'm especially perky (insert snicker here), but I'm not the greatest morning person, especially for something like sweating.

So starting tomorrow and for the next 2 weeks, I'm stuck in work training from 9 to 6 everyday.

Crap! It's hard enough to wind down after working out, but trying it after getting off that shift, combined with helping with dinner, grabbing stuff at the store, and whatnot just ain't gonna happen realistically...even with planning so that store errands don't have to occur after work, it's running too late for me. (Although, I'm going to need to burn off some energy after sitting trapped in a training room all day...hmm...) My almost-off-lithium brain takes its sweet time shutting down lately, and I'm managing it ok, haven't been sleep-deprived, but I'm glad I'm turning this issue over in my head, rather than just letting it happen and then wondering why I feel buried. Could it be I've finally learned?

So do I try to work out in the morning? That's going to have to occur, or maybe half and half; I mean, working out twice in one week...for Melanie, that's a roll! It's imperative I continue that roll so that it's in danger of becoming a habit. Then if I do end up having to have anything done to my knee, I can look back on this and say, guess what, Mel? After 30-something years of telling yourself that you don't possess the same motivation as Cyril or Meara for this type of thing, you know you proved yourself wrong, so that excuse is out the window!

The knee thing is it hasn't gotten better. I had quite a bit of relief with the med the ARNP gave me, but once I ran out of that, it went back to the way it was, which is stiff, unable to kneel on it, doesn't hold weight well, etc....normally not something for as much concern, but I started something pretty important last week: preconception planning. Had to move my OB/GYN appointment to early February, but I'm weaning off lithium, going to start weaning off caffeine (especially after a study NPR wrote about this morning), and educating myself on preconception issues for big women, as well as budgeting and family planning. So the last thing I want is limited mobility because of my knee, on top of whatever limited mobility holding an extra 20 or 30 pounds does to you (gods willing).

Last time I let Husby try on a sock I knit (she grumbles jokingly)...I asked him to try on my first Broadripple sock, because I was showing it off...he loved it so much, I'm making the 2nd one for him too.

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