Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So blasted hard to break.

Got plenty of salad stuff in the fridge, well, lettuce and carrots anyway, and there's still pork and chicken in the freezer, but we didn't plan, so when we realized we were a pinch ahead on dough last night, we caved and went for fast food for dinner. That HAS to stop happening. I understand Husby's quandary; his teeth limit his choices, and when he's 'graining, it's hard to get him interested in anything foodwise. So it's time for us to expand our repertoire and plan better. Already decided I need to own one of the library books I found this week, because the healthy recipes I'm reading about sound so good! This is gonna require some investment and experimentation, but it has to happen...we're both so tired of not knowing what to do for dinner, and we're tired of our as-yet-limited range of choices. It's far too easy to cave and grab Chef (Boyardee) or a pizza when we can't decide, and that's crap...if I decide on pizza, I want it to be with dough and sauce from my freezer and veggies from my crisper, not Pizza Hut! Found a recipe for meatloaf muffins online, bet those are freezable too. I want more emergency food in the freezer for when our brains freeze on the decision. Soups, breads, casseroles, all soft, all freezable...only thing holding me back is me. Broken record, I know.

Dug out a UFO scarf last night and almost finished it and did some reading, didn't walk because my knee was really stiff. Did check out the new equipment in the workout room at my complex though, and I'm planning to try out the stationary bikes when I'm doing the laundry tonight.

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