Friday, January 11, 2008

Content with flashes of ornery...

So today I passed on my morning lithium (I'll still take my evening dose), because I remembered that the OB won't prescribe the fertility meds unless I've weaned off it specifically (causes early organ damage to microscopic humans). So ok, no problem...then I finally get my paycheck today (after a morning of delays because they just implemented a new payroll system), and the discovery that they've changed banks to exactly the one I currently owe money to, thus seriously complicating my ability to cash it, causes a significant emotional rush that makes me want to put my fist through my monitor...

Coincidence? Husby would say no. What's nice is after all these years, I can recognize mood swings for what they are, and warn my friends and family members if needed.

But that little storm is passed, money has been acquired, and I'm actually glad I ended up at one of those cash express places, because their prepaid debit card has direct deposit capability, which is worth a think.

Man, I'm glad it's Friday! I'm ready for a weekend, a little relaxing, knitting, reading, a lot of cleaning...might even treat myself to some Bud for the Jags game. We usually don't watch their games, because we're superstititious and when we watch, they tend to lose...but with the deck so stacked against us, I may be able to watch and just enjoy it for its own sake.

Been blog trolling this week...there's some neat new ones to the right.

Apparently there's a cosmic rule that if I'm frequenting a gas station I've never been to before, I'm going to be approached by someone with their hand out. Doesn't matter what side of town either...last time I was on upper Philips Highway where it's certainly understandable (you can't be female in that area without being offered $10 for recreational substances or oral sex)...but today I was in Mandarin, for gosh sakes! Rolled into the first one I saw after cashing my check, because I was suspecting the vehicle was hitting fume status, and this bearded individual driving a van with electric tape for windows asks for gas money because they're trying to get to NC. Now I just spent the week living off a Publix gift card and praying the gas in our car would make it to Friday, so why do I feel guilty for not giving him a couple of bucks? If I had a couple of bucks to spare, it'd be going in my savings, not to Mr. Scruffy with his unique means of transportation. Actually it occured right after I'd left the cash express place, so half my brain was wondering if he'd followed me from there, so I ended the communication quickly and bailed. Paranoia or prudence? In this city, the latter...that direct deposit prepaid card's looking better and better; I can't stand having that much cash on my person.

Guess I'll throw half my brain into work...have a great weekend, y'all!

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