Thursday, January 10, 2008

Knowledge is power

Schoolhouse Rock!
JK...I'm enjoying a postmenstrual mood upswing, so I updated the other blogs first today and got my brain turning about projects for the weekend.

I'll admit I'm deeply concerned about global warming and its effects on our environment (check out Tiny Farm Blog for a good example of the freakish January thaw - that's southern Ontario, folks!), but it's awfully hard to complain about the weather when I just sat outside in my short sleeves and ate lunch in sunshine and 70 degrees F. The clouds are light, the blue sky is gorgeous, and the winds are picking up. I felt so freakin' relaxed out there. Guess I've got a little Southern in me after all. Only took 25 years.

Feels like a no-progress week, knitting-wise, because I've been doing a row here, a row there; but there's plenty on the needles to keep my attention.

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