Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back to normal!

Yay! Back on the floor! Which for the QA drones doesn't mean much; the next 2 days technically are OJT, but the higher-ups are still scrambling to get everything working on our computer systems (we're still missing MS Access and the email is sketchy)...I'm refreshed somehow, being back at work on sites. Got a possible lead on an HR position here, but I'm thinking it'll be a step down or a seriously lateral move, so not giving it much thought. Besides, the new hasn't worn off my training yet.

Surprised myself last between laundry loads and half watching TV, I frogged back to where I needed to on that soaker and restarted it. Had some hairy moments re-needling it (stitches that wanted to drop), but I got a crochet hook in there and stopped them - quite pleased with myself :)

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