Friday, February 01, 2008

Blissful, yummy Friday

I'm feeling really damn good. Training accomplished for the most part and another nibble from HR (at the same frickin' time naturally)...I'm feeling secure in my job, and in this blasted economy, that really counts for something. We had a bill come due a pinch earlier than normal, which puts us in a bind that requires some juggling, but Les and I discussed it last night and came up with 2 viable alternatives (with a third as a last resort). It's silly to feel such accomplishment about basic marital teamwork, but when you've spent far too many years letting things slide to the point of "there's-no-decent-food-in-the-house-and-if-I-eat-frickin'-PB&J-once-more,-I'm-going-to-flip-out-and-run-naked-through-the-neighborhood," it's the little things that boost morale.

Need to focus. I took a pinch of "help" this morning, because I could tell my intestinal yeast was up...I get blinding headaches behind my left ear when that's occuring...and I guess having less lithium and Paxil in my system is causing an interesting difference in my reaction to said med. I'm stuck at work and high as a kite. Should make for an interesting Friday >:)

This weekend, I'll plunge into my library reading, knit, make some lists, reorganize the worktable area...took the aloes back outside, so I have my space back. Watch the Super Bowl, mainly for the commercials, the Puppy Bowl, and maybe a decent excuse to enjoy a beer. I always have such big plans for the weekends; really should make some reasonable lists of what I'd like to accomplish, so I'm not disappointing myself later. Was just thinking how I told my cousin Jim and my friend Christy that I'd remodel or create websites for offer to Jim was unsolicited, so it's only me I'm disappointing, and Christy's half terrified of opening her jewelry business to that level anyway, but it's those rememberings that get me pissed at myself on Sunday nights, regardless of how much I've actually accomplished in that particular weekend. I really can't wait until we have MS Home & Student '07 in our computer...I'll be a list maniac when that sucker's installed!

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