Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mental wanderings

Weekends really do rock. Woke up late for me, had set the alarm for 12 noon, never figuring I'd sleep that long, and woke at 11:45 to a call from Lil Sis. Couldn't believe I'd slept that long. Guess I needed it, though dreamt up a storm, so hard to accept it as restful sleep. Brain was definitely working on something.

Went outside after breakfast and spent about an hour weeding the aloe, throwing out some stuff, and bringing in all the plants except the Big Boys. When they're out on the porch, they're easy to ignore; we hardly ever go out there or even open the blinds that much, because the light's harsh on Husby. Having the plants on my worktable will motivate me to break 'em down as soon as I have some spare dough for soil, sand, and containers. Looked 'em over and I have at least 2 dozen aloes in various sizes. It's frickin' hilarious how prolific that plant is. I'll be able to give some away to friends, create my Mom's aloe grove at the house, and have some left over. Ack!

SO nice and chilly out! Felt so good working outside earlier, couldn't stop smiling. I was smart to tweak my meds during the winter; I'm feeling so good!

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