Monday, January 28, 2008


Looked up Aloe on the ASPCA website and will definitely be taking the plants back outside...hasn't appeared that Figaro has done anything other than wandering among the plants en route to window or chair, but I'm not taking any chances...she's not the smartest hairball...with all the dicking around the Web I did this past weekend, checking that never occurred to me. Stupid. Idiot. Potential cat killer. Want to call Les right now and have him check all the plants for nibble marks, but I'm stuck in training. I'm sure she's fine,, it pisses me off when I'm avoidably thoughtless. Bah!

Ok, enough self-flagellation...finished a scarf, tried a new recipe that wasn't horrible, puttered around this past weekend.

Crud, looks like I'm going back to real work...more later.

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