Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Busy week with doc appointments has me scrambling to get work done. I always forget that with my age and myopia, they'll need to dilate my eyes at eye doc appointments. Or rather, I always remember, or request it, but forget just how long it takes for the pupils to go down afterward. I got home raring to work and couldn't see straight. Took a nap early afternoon and finally was able to get naturally I had to write blog posts first (winkwink).

My town is rather microscopic, but it proved handy for a nice wander this morning when I got done with the eye doc and wanted to give my eyes just a bit of adjustment time before getting behind the wheel. There's a shoe store in town that's going out of business, so I popped in to confirm that they didn't have anything I wanted. Met an adorable, friendly dachschund, the owner's pet. Then I hopped down to the Well-Bred Bakery, because they have an ├ęclair I've been lusting after, and if I'm about to get off sugar and high-glycemic carbs, I'd rather know what I'm missing. Total rationalization, I know.

Small southern towns are idyllic in the best ways. I say hi to people and their doggies as I walk, and there's a perpetual friendliness. It's really not possible for me to miss city life less than I do.

Rainy week here. Personally, I'm ready for some fall; the temps have been muggier. Getting juiced to make copious amounts of apple butter and dress in layers.

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