Monday, July 08, 2013

Another week

Delightfully appropriate step outside at night and just look up, and there they light, then another and excellent!
Nothing like a light paycheck to motivate your ass...

Nailed quota last week and then some, and I'm on track to do the same this week. We need dough, whether for sandals for Les, saving for the PA trip...there's always a little something. We've gotten very good at shopping carefully, but there's always the need for more.

Mom J visiting. We hit Farmburger yesterday and then The Big Crafty. I really need to hit craft fairs by was nice enough, but I crave being able to wander those at my own pace.

We hit Lexington Park Antiques on the way back to the car and scored nicely...a pair of circa 1940s (we think) Dartmouth Ski poles in great condition, that will do me nicely as walking sticks when we hike the bigger hills. They're so tall, I really only need one probably. Much better quality than the crap they sell at the sporting goods stores, and only $15.

Those antique places are so dangerous. This one was huge, booth after booth of treasures. Thankfully we don't have much mad money to work with lately, which is why I've stayed away from Screen Door or Antique Tobacco Barn so far.

Weather's incredible here. Barely gets above 80, maybe 85 on a good day. I went walking midday and had trouble breaking a sweat. Unreal.

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