Friday, July 12, 2013

With Friday brings decompression...

Mom J. spent a week with us. It was lovely, to be sure, but also punctuated how we have our own lives and she needs to work a little harder to find hers. That sounds mean, and I don't mean it so; but her living situation right now is rather abominable, and she's the only one with the power to change it, and that fact hasn't reached her yet, no matter how much we tell her so, and so she's miserable.

So she's headed back to SC and the house is quiet; and I'm dashed as to where my focus is for work. I have article and essay ideas, a site quota to reach, a history project taking shape in my head, and other tasks to wrangle, and all I want to do is escape the house for a latte and some me time. Hubs will decompress by napping the rest of the day; he didn't sleep well last night. He's entitled; we both are.

Worked my ass off this week, and it feels good. Definitely going to try and keep a handle on my daily quotas of sites, because the relief it provides is exquisite.

The garden is doing well. I'm letting the basil bolt. The marjoram and mint are spreading out nicely. Holy basil doing well. Sweet potatoes have leaf eaters in them, but they're still spreading out beyond the pots, so I'm not worried. I should thin the chives. Peppers are being stubborn, they're quite tall but not bearing fruit yet. Transplanted the daisies and put them next to the peppers in the hopes of attracting bees. Tomatoes are bearing, about half a dozen little green guys so far; it's delightful to watch. Beans have stalled, but I moved them and hope for a rally...there's still time. It's only July!

I never let myself believe I could be a sandals person, but my body is adapting nicely to the change in footwear. My back hasn't been bothering me at all, which is strange given I walked twice this week without my orthotics. I'm watching my posture and moving more. I'm even wearing flip-flops! Will wonders never cease!

Camera still on fritz. Reset everything back to default, and it's still making the pics too bright...very uncool! So I may head back to Tumblr for a while for my images.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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