Friday, June 21, 2013


Awake. House messy. Husband and cat snoring.

Not hungover, but should be. I've turned into such a lightweight, I'm surprised my head wasn't hurting more from the 2½ beers last night. Should make the Brews Cruise interesting...

Mom's side of the family is in town, some folks I haven't seen in over 20 years. It's a little surreal. Did I say "little"? I meant, "when the f*** did we all turn into adults?!"

Work has me ornery...the boss keeps telling me I'm doing a particular thing wrong, but won't go into specifics. I don't mind going through a middleman to figure it out, but how am I supposed to fix what's broken if he won't tell me what I'm missing? So I'm using the family reunion as an excuse to blow off work for the rest of the week. Punishing myself, of course, but we'll survive the paycheck hit. We always do.

Meanwhile, got paid and made 2/3rds of it disappear with a mere few clicks of a mouse. That's always mood enhancing. Feels good to get those bills outta the way...just not sure how we're gonna eat the next 2 weeks. Again, we'll survive...we always do.

Delving into activity with people is always healthy, even with these wackadoodles in town. We'll pop down to the Arboretum this afternoon for some hiking, then dinner tonight at the cabins where everybody's staying. Tomorrow is the Brews Cruise in the afternoon, and the Ghost Trolley Tour in the evening. Nice to participate in some of the touristy stuff - Asheville's seriously chock full of trolley tours and attractions, that locals don't necessarily take the time to play at. Plus, c'mon, touring 3 local breweries...there's like, no downside there!

I'm very glad we live nearby for this reunion. The cabins are nice enough, but it's tight quarters, and I'm wondering how intact my Lil Sis's sanity will be after 3 nights with my Lil Bro. We adore him, of course, but the role dynamics of his marriage would make anyone question the institution. We're all practiced at holding our tongues, but when the alcohol gets flowing.....ah, families!

Gotta get moving, create something potlucky for tonight's meal, breathe some fresh air. Merry Summer Solstice, y'all! Have a great weekend!

Image courtesy of Takei's Facebook page.

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