Monday, June 24, 2013


Wonder if I spelled that right?

Survived the family reunion. Should have spent more time with people, but life got in the way a bit. Friday I thought I'd work a bit in the morning, but it never happened. We did make it to the Arboretum and wandered with a bunch of them, and then went to the cabins for sort-of dinner and hanging out. Drank some beer, played some cornhole (had some beginner's luck at it that pissed off Meara to no end...was pretty hilarious!).

Then I took a tumble on the pavement walking back to the villa where my mom and Lil Sis were staying (no, I wasn't drunk, just didn't see a dip in the pavement)...and I knew my body would need "me time" on Saturday. Woke up that day and my everything hurt. So we stayed in Saturday and caught up on sleep, then hit the Ghost Trolley Tour, and revisited the gang at the cabins afterward that evening. I didn't get nearly enough talk time with most of my aunts and uncles, but I'm hoping we can hit the next one, now that the 20-year ice has broken, so to speak.

I'm bruised up, but not really injured. Again, brings up the disparity of insurance vs. not...I thought of going to the doc for my left foot, which is still experiencing residual pain, but since it's a) feeling better every day, and b) never swelled or anything, I'm sure it's not injured significantly. But it got me thinking about how if I'd had insurance and gone to a regular doc, they likely would've ordered X-rays and if they couldn't see anything on those, an MRI. My impatience about healing faster could have resulted in needless expenditures (if I'd had insurance to burn), when in fact, I'm doing everything right already, walking more carefully, taking it easy, and it should be back to normal within the week. That system's quite broken, and while I do get worried about if I were to injure myself enough to need hospitalization, what that would cost...I'm also not sorry right now that I'm not paying into a system that's so screwed up. That said, I'll also breathe a sigh of relief when I'm forced into the system come January. It's such a cluster...

Check out Melanie's Gym for what's going on in my head right now about exercise. We're expecting Mom J to visit this weekend, so I've gotta get my work on! Have a great week, y'all!

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