Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Mental Floss

Gratuitous cat pic. Happy Monday.

It's hard not to take life for granted occasionally, when things fall into your lap. I got an email from my editor at The Laurel at the end of May, letting me know that work may dry up for a couple of months because they hired summer interns. OK, no sweat; still got my day job. This morning I had an interview with a boutique firm in town that should be throwing freelance projects my way in the near future. Hot damn!

It's interesting the pride you can feel from being able to pay the bills and put food on the table. It's not like I have a choice really. I'm a hard worker, and thank goodness for that, given the Hubs's past health issues and current job sitch. Interesting that I was handed everything from birth through college, and still came away with a solid philosophy of "do for yourself, cuz ain't nobody gonna hand you anything in this life." Wow, impressively horrific grammar there. Whatever, I'm grateful.

That said, I just sent my latest invoice to said above publication with their past dues listed. Certainly hope they come through on that soon, because while I'm trying to treat freelance work as gravy right now, the truth is that that dough is earmarked for the PA trip. We're going to the Mother Earth News Fair in September. Tickets and hotel already bought and paid for, but we're renting a car probably, which hasn't been reserved yet. Our car could easily handle the trip, but why put the miles on it? Plus, we're still saving for all-weather tires, and with our luck, we'd get early snow on the way up.

Knitted during my TV time last night. Really gotta get back to that habit, because it's seriously centering. At the very least, I want to get off the computer and Kindle at night. Knitting or long-hand outlining article ideas has gotta be more healthy than winding down with solitaire. And for all my talk of "I'm new at this" or "I'm still getting my feet wet" at freelancing, the fact is that I need to be tossing unsolicited articles out into the ether and stacking up rejections like a normal writer. A couple of bylines is a nice start, but I have enough writer's ego to know I want my words out there, that I have a POV that could prove useful to others. And contrary to the hilarious amount of slang in this particular post, I'm a fine writer. I may want to keep chickens someday, but they have no place near my keyboard.

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