Monday, May 06, 2013

So THAT's what it's like to relax...

Image is just cuz strawberries are in season, and because yours truly is giving up flour very soon. Insert gigantic how-the-hell-am-I-gonna-live sigh...

So the dotcom sent out emails last week that the exchange server would be undergoing maintenance and be down all weekend. Silly me thought that meant just email, forgetting that I access the web tool to edit via the exchange server as well. So went online to finish up my quota for the week on Saturday and discovered I was locked out. Well, crap! So paycheck will be a smidge lower than I'd hoped, but I gained volumes by having 2 days off.

I realized having 2 days off isn't a bad thing at all.

Been working whenever, which is the nature of the beast at times...there are times when I have to walk away from it because there's no work to be done. But I haven't been managing my time as a result, and wondering why I'm fried. Actually I tend not to notice when I'm fried, I just keep puttering along as if nothing's wrong, my stress level is completely normal, ah-la-la...such an act! Hubs can see right thru it, the bastard ;)

This weekend was NECESSARY. I started really studying Dr. Hyman's program. Taking notes, plotting how to wean, digging out the books I already have that are going to be a godsend (Clean Food, Clean Start, The Kind Diet, The Spectrum, Managing Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes). Lining up recipes for quick meals. Really reading labels. We're low on funds and green veggies this week, but I'll make do for now and get serious next week.

It's drastic, but I need drastic. I have 100 pounds to lose. Talk about staring at the mountain from the bottom! I'm certainly pre-diabetic (or have "diabesity", as he calls it) and am insulin resistant. I've been eating junk since junior high, and I'm sedentary, in spite of some good-natured attempts to get walking here and there. Insert the boilerplate disclaimer here about how I'm not a doctor, nutritionist, or at all associated or qualified to discuss his program. Check stuff out for yourself, visit your doctor before starting any program, blah, blah...

"Hello, doctor? This is Rita. I've been thinking of bending at the waist..."
~ From Rita Rudner's stand-up routine

I just think it's what I need. It lays it out for you as a program, a lifestyle change. It's helping me realize that the modified elimination style of the program is something I very much need, if I want to get this weight off. I'm not dropping wheat and sugar because I have celiac; I'm dropping it because gluten and sugar contribute to the vicious cycle of insulin resistance, which piles on the pounds and makes it nearly impossible for them to go away, so long as you keep eating them, even in small doses. It's also helping me reconcile with the fact that I won't reintroduce certain key foods after 6 weeks, or 12 weeks...I won't re-introduce them period, until I've lost the weight, and ONLY THEN can I make a determination about whether those foods become a part of my new lifestyle or just a special treat. And I'll be much better equipped then to make that decision.

It's interesting stuff, rather Michael Pollanesque in its militant stance on food. His oft-quoted line from Food Rules rings true with this program: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants." But it certainly ain't a vegan approach, which helps...more like if Michael Pollan went Paleo. I'll have to watch my cholesterol a bit, but I'm not worried...there's big emphasis on proper nutrients and omega 3s.

Well, enough of that! I also puttered this weekend, performed couch gravity tests, and transplanted the seedlings we bought last weekend. Realized the plants are quite ready for natural light...may get them out there this week. It's a week ahead of the last frost date, but given how many do-overs we'll have this first batch anyway....besides, it ain't that hard to check the low temps and cover 'em if necessary.

The Wild Foods Walk & Talk was cancelled on account of the deluge-style rain we had on Sunday. I was both disappointed and relieved, because in spite of my best efforts, we really couldn't afford the class this weekend. I so want to meet Ashley though! Hoping I can keep open an email line of chatter without her putting out a restraining order or anything ;)

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