Friday, May 03, 2013

Friday Faves

Camera's been on the fritz, so sorry, no original pictures today.

Still pinching myself. I wake up and greet the day, and even if I have deadlines looming, just looking outside brings relief. Not working in an office brings relief too. I'm quite attached to working from home, and recognizing that that's going to mean bringing more money in.

Hubs will start looking soon. He FINALLY got a doc appointment with the local headache center, but it's not til top of June, so I'll go easy on him until he's laid in a fresh supply of his meds and charted a fresh course for the ole noggin. But the squeeze is definitely on, and at first I thought it was my mad spending on those last 2 pairs of shoes, but then I realized this was also the first month we were paying insurance finally...which means no more mad money. That's fine, we (read: I) were spending a little willy-nilly there, so it'll be good to get back on a budget. I'm just worried that said budget and my paychecks won't mesh well enough.

Rearranged the 2nd bedroom a bit again, now have a window view from which to work. Can't decide yet if it's awesome or distracting. Little bit of both, I think.

My May articles are up at The Laurel here and here.

Stuff that's caught my eye:

This post of Amanda's has a pic of a very well-worn copy of The Garden Primer by Barbara Damarosch. My copy looks like it just came off the bookstore shelf. A good indicator of how I've got a LONG way to go on this gardening thing, before success becomes more frequent. It takes time, patience, and serious study...and the elements will still do whatever the f*ck they want.

• In my quest to go gluten-free, this site should help.

Shannon Hayes' blog, just because. Interesting stuff.

Whole Larder Love, same reason.

• Found this site while researching the Craft Guild interesting!

This weekend! Also wishing I could hit this and this, but alas, no mad money...patience, Melanie, they hold these every year.....

Next weekend! and this!

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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