Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yup! Still not old yet...

I drive around these days with the windows open. Temps run around 65F. We'll have a couple of days of sun and then 1 or 2 of solid rain. It has to be keeping the pollen count down, and I'm grateful. I don't suffer the way some do, but any headache or sneezing is a distraction I can do without.

Life is taking on a rhythm, where the last week of the month I am assigned an article or two, making that week busier. That's the story this week...did one interview of sorts today and doing another tomorrow, for 2 more web exclusives for the local Laurel for June. My latest work (for their May issue) is here and here. The slideshow on the rocking chair article is blocking some of my text; I'm sending an email.

I find gratitude in such everyday things. Hopping out to the store, how pretty the weather is here. How people are friendlier, and the air is cleaner. Breathed in some diesel exhaust on the Interstate today and it made me miss Jacksonville, which is a sad testament.

Still feel that gratitude when I do laundry too...Mom J. deserves flowers, a medal, something for footing the bill on our used washer and dryer. Best damn housewarming we could've gotten, after 16 years of hoofing it to laundry rooms and the occasional coin-op. I'm still struck by the good fortune of simply having a washer/dryer in our apartment.

Trying to adjust my diet according to the doc's orders. It's not easy. Studying when I can, and hopefully it'll get easier. I am noticing that when I fall off the sugar wagon, my body tells me it's not amused now. That's quite helpful actually...keeps me paying attention.

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