Friday, May 10, 2013


When the breeze blows in from the 2nd bedroom window, where my office is, I have to stop work and drink it in. I really don't think it's possible to miss Florida (and its humidity) less than I do. I miss my friends and family there, certainly, and if tragedy were to befall one of them, I'd certainly make a trip....but beyond that, I don't see a huge need to cross that border again until my (amazing, beautiful, gigantic) nephew graduates high school in 6 years.

Little selfish, huh?

My work decided to give me a startle by not paying me on time today. That's on its way to being remedied, thank goodness, but definitely punctuates how careful we need to be with dough now.

I put the plants out yesterday, but I have such studying to do on the subject of gardening. I really only expect half the beans, a pinch of the cilantro, and the rosemary to keep up the good fight; and I'm thinking of investing in seedlings of tomatoes, lettuce, and peppers later this coming week. The marjoram, catnip, and spearmint that we bought had a bug (bah!), which is giving me black-spotted leaves and making all their livelihood questionable, so I sequestered them from the others in the hopes I can keep that problem from spreading.

It's a little disheartening, but I simply don't know enough yet. And I was so busy with the move this winter, that I didn't make enough time to read up on gardening. Our successes are built on our failures. Patience, Melanie.

Laid out a plan with a start date on Dr. Hyman's program. He guides you carefully on preparing yourself physically and emotionally for the tasks ahead. Memorial Day weekend, shit gets serious.

Some links that caught my eye:

• Mom and Meara coming to visit this weekend! We're hitting Craggy Gardens and maybe Chimney Rock State Park. Yay!

• An unschooled 8-year-old and her mom have a YouTube channel about organics. She called out Dr. Oz for a Time magazine article that proves he's pretty much a sell-out to Big Food now. Terrific stuff!

• I'm doing Dr. Hyman's Advanced program, which cuts out most grains, but in order to be realistic about it, I need to have some familiar options around. Thanks to the influx of gluten-free recipes online, my 30-year waffle addiction won't need to completely disappear.

This recipe looks yummy too! Hell, anything that's easy-ish and made from home blows my mind right now :)

Have a great Mother's Day, y'all!

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