Thursday, April 18, 2013

WNC Livin'

I like the lack of clutter in this's motivating.

So dang busy lately. I know that part of it is my inability to schedule my time properly or focus when I need to. Thankfully it's also because there's actual work to be done, and real life jumps in occasionally. I'll be plunking along on sites and my editor will email me with changes on an article, or I'll catch wind of another job opportunity and that means writing a cover letter and deciding which writing samples to send. Really nice having a link to direct people to now, for an actual published article.

I'm learning that even with follow-up, hearing back from potential sources can be sketchy. There's some nice opportunities out there that haven't come to fruition, either because the work just isn't there right now, or they've forgotten about me in spite of my best efforts. Thank the gods for my contract job, because it pays the bills for now, and everything else is gravy. And I'm learning to treat those opportunities like I'm looking at a pair of shoes for spring/summer, but they're not getting bought until the next check comes in the mail.

Doctor visit this week was illuminating. He gave me homework, which I'm VERY grateful for, because I like to think that the only thing keeping me from losing weight is me, and the truth is that I don't know everything and there's ways I can educate myself still, that will assist in that endeavor.

I notice my mood changing now as I wean off the meds. Takes longer to shake off the grumpies in the morning. That's OK, doc gave me advice on that too. And it still pretty much only takes stepping outside to the crazy gorgeousness of spring to lift my spirits. Everything's starting to bloom, and it's warming considerably here. The shade produced by the tree out front is surprising, and will be a welcome thing come summer. And it's raining just enough to keep the pollen from being a bitch.

Seeds ever so slowly starting to sprout indoors!

Got my books for World Book Night. They're large print, so I'm thinking of hitting up the local assisted living facilities. Got to visit Malaprop's finally; so cozy! Nice place for a wander when you're already parked downtown in the area. Actually, I take that back; there's 2 parking garages within walking distance. Downtown can be a bitch sometimes, but Malaprop's proximity to those garages makes it a viable place to visit, not just a place to tie in with other shopping.

Hope your week is going as well as mine is. Boston and Texas are in my thoughts, but I don't watch TV news past the initial reports, because the 24-hour news cycle is too ridiculous to waste my time on. My life isn't going to be improved by learning about how pressure cookers make ideal bombs or how the chemical composition of pressurized ammonia means the cadaver-sniffing dogs are having a hard time finding people. Kind of glad my shows are winding up too...I could definitely use a break from the box.

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