Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Faves (not really)

Not sure how I can expect anyone to follow me when I post infrequently. But there are just weeks like that. The dotcom is having a slow week, so I find myself working in the evenings more (because the day editors grab up all the sites). I ran errands one day, went into town to get my tax questions answered, because it would curb my wanderlust better than 15 minutes on hold with the IRS. Yesterday I drove to the boat ramps on the French Broad, just to see where they are, and decided that I like driving through farm country better. But damn, the river is really pretty! I'd like to learn to kayak in that sucker like, a year from now, when we're in better shape. And I'd like to not be thinking the same thing a year from now.

We're sitting on our hands waiting for word of insurance for Hubs. If he gets turned down, I'll be at an insurance agent's office the next day, begging for a low premium and reasonable deductible. I'm not as worried about myself, which is funny since I've already been turned down on account of my weight. But I'm looking at a reasonably priced, integrative medicine outfit here in town for me, once I'm past figuring out how to get Hubs in to see someone.

I may hit quota today, which would be nice. I've been working a bit on Sundays to get a jump on the week, which means I should make Saturday my "day off," and it doesn't always happen. But I need time this weekend to figure out quarterly taxes and get my seed starting supplies sorted, figure out what still needs to be purchased. Even with our late last frost date, we should start seeds in the next week or so.

Tax return came in, remarkably fast, and thank goodness, because a big chunk of it will go right back to the government for the quarterlies. But I did get a jump on the September trip to Mother Earth News Fair by booking our hotel; VERY glad I did that, because it looks like the area's starting to fill up. All that's left is a rental car and nitty-gritty logistics; already purchased the tickets. Hot damn!

So I haven't been trolling the web even, as much as only link I can think of to share is PDub's recipe for hot roast beef sandwiches. I'm pretty sure if I make these, I'll erase any craving Hubs gets for Arby's.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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