Monday, March 18, 2013

Weekend Wrap

Definitely have a little too much control over my life right now. It affords me such freedom, I'm in danger of squandering it.

Sites are low, so I plan to tidy and organize today, but it'll require discipline obviously, because so far that organizing has involved turning away from the laptop, examining a box, moving something from one place to another, and then going back to the laptop. Shit ain't gonna get accomplished that way.

I'll work sites in the evening, and that's another bit of discipline, because I've been tending to move to the living room and work in front of the TV, which ain't the most productive way to do things. But tabletops are soon to be even more limited, because I'm planning to take over the kitchen table this week with seed starting. Which reminds me I need to call the local nursery.

Saturday, I finished sites and needed to return library books, so I got outta the house with the intent of doing that and checking out the LYS in Candler. It was easy to find, and I purchased a little something, but I'm glad I checked it out, because it won't be a real yarn option for me unless I'm desperate for a particular's small, and the inventory was surprisingly limited, considering the good reviews I've seen online about the store. But I found a pattern there and some Cascade that's turning into a hat for my guy.

Yesterday was errands and more errands, dropping off recycling and making a few key purchases.

This week is seed starting, Spring Equinox, taxes, insurance praying.

Things are just starting to bud a bit here. The daffodils are out, but everything else wakes slowly. The weekend was crazy warm, 70s both days, but the week promises more normal temps and rain. Good weather for getting things accomplished indoors. Going to try and curb my wanderlust a bit this week.

I'm weaning just a smidge from my meds, deliberately and carefully, in preparation for hopefully weaning fully once I get in to see a doc and then examining what my next step may be in that regard. Discovered something rather wonderful on Saturday, when I was feeling a bit down. It was my normal feeling of down, doesn't have to have a reason, just a combination of hormones and brain chemistry, and I told myself to step outside a minute. That's all I needed, stepping outside my front door, feeling breeze and sun, the sounds of the brook, the mountain right in front of me still visible through the bare trees. Hearing the rooster down the street. I was struck by the juxtaposition of stepping outdoors here vs. stepping outside my apartment in Jacksonville. There, we kept the main room dark, because it doubled as Les's sleeping spot much of the time. The porch was blocked off by chairs because we didn't have room to put them elsewhere, so we rarely went out on the tiny porch. The backyard was ugly ducks and the backs of other buildings. The front after the stairs that went down and then up was driveway, cars, neighbors talking in different languages, running their car stereos too loudly while they washed their vehicles right nearby, the smell of the dumpster. Yea, I'm idealizing the living hell out of my current home and demonizing Jax, but it doesn't change the fact that I feel SO MUCH MORE MENTALLY HEALTHY HERE!

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