Thursday, January 31, 2013


Old pic, but almost how the ground looked this morning... :)

Finally got a pinch of seasonal affective rained all freakin' day, and by the end, I was over it. Yesterday was just meh, couldn't focus on work...which is hilarious when you consider I managed to snag another potential bit of employment in a phone interview in between hardly working. This keeps up, I'm going to be working 6 things at once, but at least I'll make enough to buy crappy insurance to get us started. And this would be a part-time steady gig! Fingers crossed...

We opened the windows yesterday though, and the rain combined with the rushing of the brook in front was really nice to hear. This morning there was a dusting of snow on the ground, and the temps are back to cold, so I'm in a better place. Now if I can just get out in it...

We bought 2 bags of organic potting soil the other day. I WILL put my hands in the dirt today. Then tonight while vegging, I'll write up some plans on how I'd like to plant out there.

Cash low, but I should get paid tomorrow, provided direct deposit cooperates, and the bills are all up to date. Feels good.

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