Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Yup, Khan was a pussy here....once again, no snow. Oh well. Enough ice to take a picture anyway.

Work is still sketchy. I'm making enough to pay the bills, not enough to buy health insurance yet. Got some more nibbles for freelance work last week that I'm hoping will turn into something.

Here's a thinker: if your average health insurance plan doesn't recognize a specialist doctor visit copay until you pay their ridiculous deductible, then how hard should I be looking initially for insurance when we'll be paying out of pocket anyway? I get that whatever we pay would go toward the deductible and give us the added safety net...just seems illogical when you're only looking at it from a cash standpoint. Just venting...I have two trains of thought in my head nowadays: "wow, January meandered nicely, allowed us to really settle in..." combined with "holy fuck, how is it almost February already?!?!"

How does anyone get a job nowadays? I've applied to everything I can tolerate, it seems, and it's all "don't call us, we'll call you." Hell, one place even has in their material that if you do call them, it knocks you out of the running for the job. WTF?! When did companies get so picky? This ain't just Obamacare, it's the whole economy sitch making folks put much more effort into their selection processes, so that they're not wasting money on someone. Meanwhile, those of us who would be happy ringing up groceries in the interim, get the shaft because it would be more cost-efficient to hire a high-schooler who might actually stay with them? I'm a little frustrated...

Gonna go put my hands in the dirt. There's a nursery up yonder where I'm hoping to procure organic soil that doesn't have the words "Miracle Gro" or "Scott's" on it. Queues are dry, so I'll work later tonight. There's a dying aloe plant and herb seeds getting my attention today.

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