Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Apples and popcorn

Yea, still can't find the camera cord. Don't judge me. There's still unpacked boxes in too many corners of this place. Almost 2 weeks here already and I look around and wonder...my days still need about 48 hours in 'em.

Work is painfully light, so I'm having to make the adjustment to doing sites later in the day, after the in-house editors have gone home. Dropped my résumé to 2 temp agencies today, applied for 2 more spots elsewhere, and the Soomo lady is getting a phone call tomorrow. That's the local company that tossed me a pinch of freelance and might be hiring another editor this year.

Took a jaunt around town today, lots of turnarounds as I get used to the roads and their maddening signage. A given exit may have 6 different route signs directing you, and everything is east/west here, when you'd think it should be north/south, so remembering where you are and where you're headed is vital.

We found a steal of an used entertainment center at a place nearby, and killed most of the rest of our reserve dough @ Target yesterday, buying bookshelves and little finishing touches. There's still things we need, but it'll need to go on a list for later. Thankfully, there's plenty of meat in the freezer and the pantry is pretty stocked.

The subject line? Just my lunch, after getting home today :) Very pleased with myself, went on my Asheville jaunt right around lunchtime, but I wasn't hungry yet, so brought both coffee and tea, and an apple with me and steered clear of the fast food. We really can't afford slip-ups of the McDonald's kind right now, financially, and of course, that shit's no good for you anyway. Still, it's a step in the right direction from a girl who used to ignore her home-packed lunch to hit the local McD's out of laziness and cravings. Baby steps rock!

Windows open for a bit...low 50s here, not quite balmy, and we're headed into several more days of overcast, looks like, so enjoying it while we can. No snow forecast til later next week. I'll take it, rain and all. It's so damn lovely here!

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