Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday musings

Still not enough hours in a day...

I'm working, but I'm still not up to speed, and that's gonna hurt our wallets very soon. Starting real job search Monday.

We're still not fully unpacked, and that's starting to suck on a nitpicky level. I'm no stranger to having a box or three around, and I'm OK with the 2nd bedroom closet serving as box storage for the near's the little stuff, like how my makeup still resides in one of 2 clutterpiles, so if I want to go job hunt on Monday, I should really organize that area and where's the time for that nonsense? I'm on the computer from morning to early evening, then we eat and unpack and move more shit around...and I fall into bed wiped at night. I'm not complaining, believe me...just whining a little. Last 2 nights I've made an effort to relax a little, and realized I don't have the time to do that yet. Silly, I know, but still...

Probably one of several reasons why I'm leaning back toward Buddhism a bit. Went to a service at the Unitarians last weekend, and it was fine. But it was just fine. And sometimes you need a little inspiration or moving speech. I don't know...this place is so peaceful, I think my big want right now is to study that, deepen it...NOT take it for granted like I always do. And I'm so used to letting life live me, rather than the other way around, that recognizing that I have that peace in my life right now, makes me realize how very much I want it to stick around. And how creating a time in the mornings before work to meditate, and then spending my days living wonderful to have reached a point where that's even possible, where I'm not already looking ahead, looking ahead, to getting us out of our most current rut, because we're not in one right now...and maybe, just maybe, don't have to go back into one?

I could weep, rereading that last bit...we really are starting fresh here. I'm the same person, but we don't have to make the same mistakes we made in Jacksonville...learning and growing is possible. Whodathunk...

Mom and Meara visiting this weekend. So terrific that they're only 2ish hours away :)

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