Friday, January 04, 2013

Hi there!

Still deliriously happy. Not enough work at the dotcom to go around right now, which is skeery, but I'm determined to steal all their sites tonight and this weekend, and then copywrite the rest of the time.

I putter around the kitchen in a dance-y haze, there's so much delightful room to move around in. The washer and dryer have been humming today, and the 2nd bedroom is s...l...o...w...l...y looking better. Today is filing cabinet day, and with the advent of so much paperless, I'm realizing just how much I can purge. We need a shredder.

Two sets of curtains up, the living room and bedroom. Hot-diggety-damn!

Entertainment center probably getting procured tomorrow at the local Hospice thrift store. Delivery price could be better, but it's still a steal over retail, never mind that we're helping a good cause.

Thanks to Pinterest, I'll be hitting up Joann's tomorrow to see if they have those unfinished crates for like, $9 a pop. Anything's an improvement over the box stacking I've been doing to give the books homes. It's OK for the 2nd bedroom right now, but still looks seriously tacky.

Now seriously, where the fuck is my camera cord so I can show you guys pictures?!

More soon! Have I mentioned lately how I love it here? Hit the Blue Ridge yesterday for a piece, accidentally on purpose...those are some holy-crap hills! Also got to see a nursing calf at a Polled Hereford farm on the way. Can't wait to explore more with the camera!

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Alexa said...

Keep an eye open at the thrift store for a bookcase. At $9 a pop, those crates will add up quickly. I also suggest checking to see if there's a Freecycle group in the area. You never know... and now that you have time to go get stuff, that could really pay off. I find if you really want to snag something rather than request it, it's best to get the instant feed rather than a daily digest. My stuff often gets given away within an hour of listing.