Thursday, October 04, 2012

So after all that...

...I'm pretty sure I'm sticking with Blogger for now.

Damn though, I understand now why people put Wordpress experience as a criteria for jobs. I can't decide if that site/platform is disorganized or too complex to be true DIY, but I do know it requires study. It's not something to attempt to accomplish, oh, say, while simultaneously editing sites for small businesses (wink, wink).

Also, while they (WP) do have more variety, it brought home to me how tired I am of "templated" web designs. I eat, sleep, and breathe them 8 hours a day, and in my free time, I'd like something more creative and dynamic. Since I haven't yet acquired the skills to create custom designs, we'll make do here.

Other thoughts on this week:

• I've lost 12 pounds so far!!! Ridiculous how good that feels :)

• No thanks to images like that one...I can feel my urge to cook and bake coming back with autumn. Made a decent chicken pot pie last night, and was centered by the study and care it took (trying a new broth/cream base, searching for organics in Winn-Dixie when they're seriously lacking...). Should be interesting in the coming weeks, juggling health with NOMs...

• Romney's an asshat who would cripple our country in many ways if he won.

• That said...I remember when my views were shifting from right to left, and I voted for Gore over W because I felt that he was the lesser of two evils. Now, in 2012, it dawned on me that my views have gone so far left, that I'm voting Obama because he's the lesser of two evils....and because our two-party system can't yet handle (probably in my lifetime) the Green/Freedom Socialist philosophies I'd like to see governing the US.

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