Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday Favorites

Another full-of-promise weekend ahead of me, replete with dreams of baking, unpacking, packing, and planning. We're pulling out boxes, going through them...packing fresh boxes...purging, I pray...and there are recipes I'm looking forward to trying.

I'm researching car insurance, home insurance, rent-to-own furniture and washer/dryers, and other things for the move. The trip in mid-October will include looking at houses. I still haven't approached my boss about remote work. My freelance gig hasn't forgotten me, though I pray she sends me something to work on soon.

Some items that caught my eye this week...

Second and Edgemont—just beautiful.

Putting Grouchy in my pocket—a really decent idea, whether you have kids yet or not.

• These beeswax candles will be getting purchased for around the home once we're settled up there. (Actually, go to Cold Antler Farm and click on her link for this company, so they'll know their advertising is working.)

• I'd forgotten they put out this new tangent from Mother Earth's a beauty!

• I'm hoping to make wheat bread, these muffins, these scones, and a variant on this apple dumpling recipe (instead of buying Grands, I want to use up the Bisquick in our cupboard). Will also be tucking into the new recipes from that Whole Food course, and grabbing stolen moments to read her's awesome!

Have a great weekend, y'all! Stay cool! And then tell me what it's like, cuz Florida is still suck-ass muggy.

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