Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Pokey week

This blog is quickly becoming my NC Moving blog. Can't be helped, it's just where my head is lately. Pause for a prayer, crossed fingers, etc.

Made rather amazing progress in the dining room on Saturday. There are almost 2 dozen boxes ready to be catalogued and taped up, and I broke down an entire bookcase. This coming weekend will be all about planning. We're heading up there middle of next week, and I want to hit some property management companies and the company where I hope to freelance, introduce myself around, get a vibe about the place (because I'm hoping to wow them and pave the way for my eventual hire after the new year), at the very least. And of course, leaf peep and take mad amounts of pictures! It's getting gorgeous up there!

Every 3 weeks, I work a project at work that tests my patience and heightens my focus. This is one of those weeks, so I'm at loose ends when I get home and have trouble winding down. Did yoga last night and man, did it feel good! I think I'm finally to the point where I can do yoga on my "off" days from the Y, and it'll tone me without the heavy strain that weightlifting can produce (when you're unable to pace yourself, as I have proven time and again to be the case). I figured out that my tummy troubles last week were plain old muscle strain from not pacing myself properly on the elliptical (and man, did that suck!), so I've switched to bike and treadmill for now. So far so good.

That pic's motivating me...gonna pick up some yarn tonight during TV, try and take a break from the Kindle. Knitting's always a good wind-down.

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