Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Favorites

I'd like to think there will come a time when this blog will feature photographs I've taken myself.

It's not happening this week.

I did get to the Y twice this week and did yoga in between, and work has been busy; so I get home at night and decompress by goofing off on the Kindle and then berating myself for not using my time wiser. I've been rereading the Mitford books and was reminded somewhere in Book 3 that when you have a large project (like, oh, say, moving to another state), it's important to break it down into small projects rather than to always look on it as this massive thing to accomplish, because that can just get you overwhelmed and lead to your brain short-circuiting...well, mine anyway. There's even a noise that accompanies my brain sounds like that point in Scrubs when Dr. Kelso punctures both eardrums with a faulty stethoscope.

Probably better to nod and smile at that one, than to question how my brain works...

This knowledge proved important after-the-fact this week, because I approached my boss finally about working remotely, got the skinny on what it might entail, and concluded that while it will put food on the table, it absolutely can't be my only source of income. That brought me back to reality a bit, but I got up, dusted myself off, and made a list that very night of the temp agencies I want to hit next week when we're up there. Because this move is still happening, if I have to have 3 cosigners on a frickin' rental house!

I'd like to say that today's links were things I happened upon throughout the week, but in fact, I discovered most of them just this morning...oh well! If you're sensing a bit of a theme, blame Heather...I've only scratched the surface on her course, in part cuz my printer ran outta ink this week, but it definitely has me being more conscious about what goes into my body....when I'm not a raging hormone hostage like I was this week, that is.

• I want to appreciate Indian spices more...this recipe might be a step in the right direction.

• Can't afford the magazine subscription, but love the concept!

• Terrific looking healthy recipe resource! And oh my, yes, here too!

More recipes from an IIN graduate

• And just about everything listed at Ashley's site, plus the opportunity to moon over her little man in flannel...I have a serious crush on the Huxmeister :)

We're camping at Mount Pisgah next week, so this weekend is all about frugal prep for a little outdoor living. I'm so looking forward to cooler temps and finding our way comfortably with less resources this trip.

Have a great weekend, y'all!

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