Monday, October 15, 2012

Monday Musings

My head's in the trees this week and no help for it. In my continued quest to stretch Les and I beyond our abilities, we're heading up to the Carolinas this week to camp, scout, and hopefully freeze our tails off. I get the feeling that the fall color won't be as great as I'd hoped (the winds are blowing leaves off before they have a good chance to turn), but I'm really more concerned with it being other than 80 degrees while we're there. I've yet to feel a bite in the air this autumn, and my soul aches for it.

Hence the camping, and of course, because it's leaf peeping season up there; so normal people are shelling out $150 a night minimum for a roof over their heads while they're vacationing and hitting the parkway. We are poor little church mice with a tent that hopefully still works, so we're shelling out a mere $19 a night for 2 nights in Mount Pisgah, and bookending the trip with sleepovers at both our sisters' places. I'm planning for us to visit several temp employment agencies while we're there, several property management companies, and hopefully the company I'm wooing for freelance opportunities. It's a lot to cram into 2 days, but we're getting down to the wire here. Everything's going to fall into place really fast, I have a feeling...

The weekend was a little sucky; I learned I can't eat Zaxby's anymore, not just because everything they serve there really is a heart attack on a plate, but also because the sodium levels in the food wreak havoc with my arthritis. My knees are still bothering me after 2 days of ache, and I haven't overexerted myself, so it's easy to label the soreness on what I'm putting into my body without thinking. Trying not to self-flaggellate...been reading a bit of Brené Brown, and the urge to start buying her books is palpable. Patience...$15 on a book is half an application fee for a house rental...just gotta keep reminding myself...

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