Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taking Stock

Still summer here in Florida. It's getting old.

Definitely gotta start paying attention to what I eat again...I'm letting a few too many "bad" things make it into my belly. Makes me run-down so quickly.

No rhyme or reason to this week's Taking Stock.....just observations from last weekend.

Brought the camera and didn't take a single picture. Between the impromptu meeting I had and the busyness of traveling, I just knew I didn't want to experience this trip through a camera lens. I have all the pictures I need right now in my head. Walking through the town. Traveling up and down the mountain. People-watching while eating al fresco. Making choices at French Broad Chocolate and knowing it would be worth the wait.

Driving into town, we noticed a man in a wheelchair, scooting along rather slowly on the sidewalk, who was missing at least 1 leg. One of those situations where you're not sure, because you don't want to look too closely and be caught staring, even if you're just driving past. Manners to a end up not really seeing the person at all.

He appeared homeless, he had the rumpled and dirty look going on, but he was just cruising along at his own pace, not sitting still with his hand out, which you'd almost expect on a Saturday night, when so many folks were performing something or another and had their instrument cases or cardboard boxes out for tips. Saturday night in Asheville oughta be called Buskers Holiday, because there were jugglers, burlesque queens spreading the word about a ball in town, several musical acts, the odd singer or harmonica player, and a bunch of Jesus freaks standing with their crosses near the Obelisk. Such a comfortable place though, for walking around; it felt normal and I realized I could find comfort in a place like this.

We wandered a couple of blocks to find dinner at a restaurant with outdoor seating and watched the sky warily...the rain almost held off, only sprinkled a bit during dinner. We're chatting, enjoying some damn good pizza and local beer, when we notice a college-age woman wheeling said homeless guy up the sidewalk at a good clip. They're both talking, clearly pals, at least for the moment. They stop about 3 restaurants up from us and the girl hands the guy a menu. He takes a quick look at it, shakes his head in disgust, and they head back in our direction, cross the street at the corner, and continue on, in search of a different restaurant. She was buying him dinner.

It was both surprising and delightful. You can't do that shit in Jacksonville; you go up to some homeless guy and offer to buy him dinner, you'll be lucky to escape with your life. There, it felt normal; there was a party atmosphere and camaraderie that permeated the place. I'm sure the 2 beers I enjoyed contributed to this feeling, but all I know is I could feel myself filling up with spirit as we explored.

It's taken til today for my head to get back to Jacksonville, I think. Work's been crazy-busy, which helps and hinders me, since there are new projects related to the move that I must attend to soon...

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