Thursday, September 20, 2012

More Mental Musings

Wonder if there even is such a thing as a healthy apple cider doughnut recipe.....

I need to learn to make pumpkin scones too...def can't be visiting Starbucks daily for the next 2 months...evil yummies...seriously...with that calorie count, I should be skipping lunch.

Had an epiphany last night. Unfortunately it was caused by overeating and the significant discomfort that followed it. Unable-to-go-to-sleep discomfort, couldn't lie flat. Still not 100%. Tired and sore today. Swearing off McDonald's yet again. Drinking water to flush system. Wishing I could swear off food. Thinking it was a candidiasis attack. Going to Y later. Enrolled in Heather's Whole Food Kitchen this morning. Quite possibly the easiest, smartest purchase I've made in ages.

At least I can swear off processed food as much as possible. Right after this scone, that is. Can't imagine why I'm having problems with candida...yes, that's sarcasm.

Right there is why I need to embrace OA again. I could have had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast this morning, but I was still reeling from last night's discomfort and couldn't get my head around it. But I'm out of coffee too, so it gave me an excuse to go to Starbucks, grab a freebie (i have leftover bags that get me a free Tall), and the damn bakery case with that seasonal delight beckoned. Nursing it throughout the morning, cuz I do not want any heaviness in my belly today, but it's still a symptom of a much larger problem that requires further attention.

Autumnal equinox this Saturday...think it may be time to have a ritual. It's been ages since I've sat with purpose, meditated, called the quarters. Though The Craft has been on lately, making that level of ritual feel silly, especially when you're doing it solitary...mostly I want to meditate, trance into myself, see what comes to the surface.

Scone image from here.

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