Thursday, August 30, 2012

Taking Stock

food hangover (n): the lethargy that occurs upon waking up the morning after eating naughty foods and then going straight to bed.

Yea, I'm there this morning...tired and ornery, even though I crashed by 10 PM and didn't have weird dreams or anything. On the upside, the cherry cobbler I made was edible, but damn, way too much butter! Gotta stop pulling recipes from Southern magazines....I swear any recipe created south of the Mason-Dixon needs a disclaimer and a link to Paula Deen's diabetes story.

No traveling this weekend with money being so tight, but we're planning a trip mid-September.

Doc upped my Paxil. I love my fast metabolism...already feeling the difference. I acknowledge I'll be on some form of this type of med for my lifetime, but it does beg the question that if I'm increasing the dosage to the max, am I just delaying the inevitable (time to change meds)? We're giving it 3 months.

Outside: tails of Isaac...

Inside: chilly...quiet...

Wore: more exciting than "Wearing"...yesterday was Pajama Day at work, got to wear my footie pajamas. They were a hit, but I confess I was ready for regular clothes by days' end.

Creating: handmade foods...and thinking about picking up yarn this weekend. It's been WAY too long.

Reading: 206 Bones by Kathy Reichs, September Vogue, Mother Earth News, and checking the mailbox for the new issue of Taproot.

Going: see above.

It's going to be a weekend of quiet projects, of computer time spent outlining the different facets of the move, of budgeting and planning. I'm hoping to purchase more boxes, do more organizing around the house...might get really anal and catalog the boxes with like, labels and a spreadsheet. There's so much...probably a good idea, just time-consuming. Well, no time like the present, when I'm burning a pinch of PTO and have a holiday on the other end of the weekend...

Safe Labor Day, y'all!

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