Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Navigating August's End

I'd love to indulge in more autumn shots, but I just can't feel it when we're still dealing with high 80s and more humidity than you can shake a proverbial stick at. Isaac may have largely passed us by in favor of smacking New Orleans, but we won't feel Fall here til it almost won't matter...

I ache for Asheville (or nearby parts north) and it was in that frame of mind that I tucked into projects this past weekend. Had Friday and Monday off, originally because we were going to visit Hubs' folks, but it fell through because a) really would've only been a 1 day visit because they were returning from vacations of their own, b) we REALLY didn't have the gas money to jaunt up there (and won't for another 3 weeks), and c) on the eve we were thinking of leaving, another back window motor died and there was much turmoil for a pinch because we weren't sure that sucker was going to go back up, or if we were going to be another car of several in our apartment driveway with a taped plastic bag protecting the interior from the elements. Yes, we live in a classy neighborhood (winkwink)...but hey, in this economy, people are running their cars into the ground before investing in new. We did manage to get the window up; they're both taped shut now...

It was a pokey, at-home weekend. Friday, I dragged most of our belongings out of the bedroom closet and managed to rearrange it in a manner that's slightly more organized. Saturday was laundry day. Sunday, I hit the dining room for a spell. That area's the toughest, because while I'd like to pack ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING in that area, I know it's still too early....so instead I pack a little, clear some paths, organize a bit. We did a Goodwill trip on Sunday when we went to drop the recycling, and I did purge quite a few old boxes or downsize 'em. Hey, whatever keeps me sane.

Yesterday was a rest day...I depitted cherries while watching a Mentalist marathon, made a cobbler, some mediocre butterscotch bars, and the week's waffles. Had a doc appt that involved good news (see weight loss # at right...plus lowered cholesterol, no trace of prediabetes, normal triglycerides...hot damn!). I think the minute September hits, I'll start job hunting...the stock's been dropping and a decision will need to be made very soon.

Soapbox: the Israeli court's decision in the Rachel Corrie case is reprehensible. It's a clear case of political and religious agendas overriding basic human rights. I can't care that they don't have the same freedoms of speech as we do, and I'm not learned enough on the topic to engage in debate over whether Palestine should ever become a real nation. All I know is that there was nothing "accidental" at all about that bulldozer driver running her over, stopping, and then backing over her again. She was murdered for voicing her beliefs, and I pray that her voice will continue to be heard.

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