Thursday, August 02, 2012

Taking Stock

Mediocre week, hence the lateness of this post.

Was working in a made-over conference room with a couple of newbies, and they got new desks yesterday. So today I had the room to myself. I'm sure it won't last; space is definitely at a premium right now as we hire so many new folks. But today. was. AWESOME! It was quiet, I got more work done than normal, and for my socially awkward self, it was HEAVEN not having to deal with people, even teammates. I know that probably sounds a little anti-social (a little, Melanie? def time to revisit how well the Paxil's actually working), but I still have a warm-fuzzy feeling from it.

My workout goal for the next 3 months is consistency. I'm working out every other day; cardio 1 day, strength the next. My food intake still needs work, but I'm not as tired, so it's definitely a win.

Outside: Grumbly...we're gonna get rain.

Inside: snoring...Hubs is headachy. Disney on the idiot box. Me contemplating as simple a dinner as possible, because I did weights tonight and my body will crash soon.

Wearing: sweaty workout clothes.

Creating: lists...

Reading: Bare Bones by Kathy Reichs and the latest issue of Mother Earth News.

Going: RAM and Native Sun...determined to get fresh veggies and fruit this weekend. Thinking about canning. Going to the grocery store lately is an exercise in frustration, all the foods I shouldn't be eating or don't want to be eating because they're part of the problem (read: food industry, not my obesity).

I have grand ideas for this weekend. No OT thankfully, and the organizing and planning for the move is officially ON!

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