Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Things I'm learning......

In no particular order.....

I totally dig working in a room by myself. I don't need to work in PJs, just in quiet.

I feel much better when exercise is a consistent activity in my life. Like, seriously. Only 2 weeks in, and I'm feeling the difference, especially in my legs, knees, feet...I feel stronger, I'm in less pain, and the relief extends to other areas of my life.

Easing into it through moderation appears to be working fine, which is also a relief. Had to knock out grocery shopping last night after work, and I could tell Hubs didn't expect me to have the motivation/energy/etc. to work out after that, but I wasn't letting my program slip, so I threw on the workout clothes and hit the Y. Still glowing with pride on that one...

There's no way I'm cutting dairy out completely. But I am, quite thankfully, hooked on almond milk.

I may be (once again) weaning off coffee, due to studies that suggest that it, and other fun foods like peanuts, spinach, chocolate (SIGH!!!) actually leach minerals out of your body, and that these foods are therefore contraindicated for folks with arthritis.

When you suck on fruit leather, it fools your brain into thinking you're getting a sweet treat...proving to be a surprisingly effective afternoon snack.

Terry Walters' Energy Squares from her Clean Start book are awesome! Hubs was blown away!

I'm completely off pork, unless it's humanely raised. Bacon be damned, I can't justify that indulgence anymore against the food industry's reprehensible growing techniques.

The urge to stuff my face isn't quite so vehement when the scale starts dipping a bit and my jeans fit. That most recent pound loss took me to my first goal, which has me quite motivated, over the moon, annoyingly cheerful, etc.

I'm developing an aversion to packaged, processed food. This is not a bad thing. Realizing you can make something better yourself, without all the scary preservatives of processed food, is hilariously mind-blowing. I didn't have waffles made recently, and still walked past the Eggos section, because I knew mine would taste just as good, cost less, and be better for us. Hubs likes 'em too!

Not going crazy about it yet though...example, planning to grab a Boca burger for dinner after tomorrow night's workout. And there's some tater tots that need to be purged from the fridge. We'll call it toddler steps.

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