Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Taking Stock

Really must own this bumper sticker. Not even sure what a couple of those symbols stand for...gotta look 'em up.

Time flies when you're working a plan. Not feeling like Wednesday yet, but the past 2 days have been busy. Did laundry and shopping Monday night, and last night hit the Y. Not sore today, so doing cardio tonight, then a little OT tomorrow. Work is steady and different, and ironically, my current responsibilities are a pinch less stressful (oughta be more stressful, but it hasn't hit me yet).

Last night's workout was GOOD. I went into it planning to do only 1 set of weights. It was my first day back to weight training in months, hell, the better part of a year; so the last thing I wanted to do was overdo it. There are 13 machines I focus on there, and I split them into 2 workouts with an even amount of upper and lower body so that I can alternate and one area never feels too shredded. So I did 1 set last night after a 10-minute bike warm-up and realized it really didn't feel like enough. So I hopped on the treadmill for 10 minutes to stay warm/get warmer and then did another set. So. Frickin'. Smart. Cooled down with another 10 on bike and woke this morning feeling stronger and not sore.

Sad how mind-blowing these little successes are. I have the brains to create my own plans to improve my health without causing myself pain. Whodathunkit.

Outside: Summer in Florida...just as well I no longer have windows in my work area, cuz I'd love to be out getting sun...this way, I can focus without pining.

Inside: chilly...not complaining, except when my toes are cold (and I don't wear sandals to work, y'all...silly circulation).

Wearing: Jeans cuffed with Danskos...yes, large women can be stylin'! Well, that's what I tell myself anyway...

Reading: Kathy Reichs' Fatal Voyage

Creating: the usual lists, piles, brainstorms...

Going: Y, OT, Y, Y.....hmm...what else...out on my deck :)

July is screeching to a close here. My fear is being replaced by resolution. I want to start looking. Initially, that will mean punching up the resume and creating different cover letter scenarios. Also, making lists of companies that I'm going to try for, as well as trolling the ones that are actually hiring. Also, hitting every university and college in that area, looking for their employment opps. That will at least make me feel proactive, even if I know I shouldn't act yet.

We're hopefully only a week and a half away from 2Q results from my company, so my hoping also includes the prayers that those results will create a slight uptick in my company's stock, so that we can nab most of that nest egg before the market drifts down again.

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