Sunday, July 22, 2012

Using the Ole Brainpan

Irony. I really dig the simplicity of the Nike slogan, and I can't wear their sneakers. They've always been too narrow, and with my arthritis now, I'm a hard-core New Balance gal.

Something weird happens when I take lithium. My brain gives me permission to take a day off. I spent yesterday doing a whole lot of nothing, and didn't even have any decent marathons on the idiot box. Instead I watched movies. Caught X-Men: Wolverine for some Hugh Jackman eye candy, then Batman Begins b/c I hadn't seen it yet and wanted to give Christian Bale a chance, and then The Dark Knight, which I watched in deeply sad awe at Heath Ledger's performance. My god, but what a gift he had. Commercials make me ridiculously impatient, but I toughed it out...and played on the Kindle, read a little, and ignored my urges to feel bad about being a slack.

It must have worked, because while I hate that a whole weekend day is gone, leaving me with today (Sunday) to pull off quite a few domestic projects, I woke up this morning with a clearer head. Made my coffee and breakfast, jumped on the computer for a bit, and laid out a fresh exercise plan. The Arthritis Foundation created a new website dedicated to folks with OA, offering tips and basic knowledge on how to make your life better if you have it. (side note: how sad is it that I was delightfully surprised that it was actually an informational website and not a site trying to sell Celebrex or used to Big Pharma being media whores...). With that fresh knowledge in my head, I realized the major flaw in my current plan: I had none. I was killing myself with each workout, thinking my body could handle it, when in fact it was shredding me and forcing me to take 2 or 3 days off between workouts (which is not a great way to establish consistency), while also flaring up my OA in my knees, big time. Silly human.

Created a plan, plus a spreadsheet to start strength training again, then put on my workout clothes and hit the Y, smartly. I'm so NOT-exhausted after today's workout, I want to smack myself. But that's counterproductive, so instead I'll skip the nap I would have needed after a regular Melanie workout, grab lunch, and either go shopping or start laundry. Still plenty of Sunday to play with.

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