Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking Stock

I think I'll need many of these metal bushel baskets for container gardening in the future...actually, just changed my mind, as I'm thinking metal would be scorching to the plants. Hate plastic though...will stick with terra cotta.

Sure is purty though.

Man, time is it Wednesday? Did a little OT on Saturday, then relaxed. This week brings more OT and the promise of a nice, fat check for buying a few things and saving a bit for Husby's b'day in May.

The lithium is doing its job nicely. While it does flatten things out a bit, I think it helps my metabolism, so I might decrease the B12 supplement I'm taking and see what happens. My body is a backwards temple.

Eating habits are a mix this week, but I had blood work done too, so I'm betting the come-to-jesus effect of those numbers will get me back on track. Also, been actually reading the recipes in the Clean Food books and a lot of them are in our comfort zone. I ain't diving into the fennel and bok choy yet, but anything's better than McD's...

Outside: we had 2 days of bliss, cool enough to open windows. Alas, we're getting back to normal now, 80s today and 90s the next 2 mood must be changing because this warmth has me thinking about buying skirts (and anyone who knows me, knows what a tomboy I am...). Loving the warmth on my arms and face, feels like I'm recharging my batteries...

Inside: busy...they put a lucky few of us on a project, which has me more focused, while cursing it under my breath...also, training newbies makes for a noisier area.

Wearing: my frankenstein shoes and recognizing that they're more a fall/winter, how to explain my desire to buy dress sneaks for summer to Husby, who's quite male on the subject of female shoe acquisition...

Creating: hmm...yea, little dry here. Paycheck should allow me to indulge in new recipes this weekend though.

Reading: The Dragon Reborn...after a hiatus, I'm back on that series.

Going: up to SC soon, but not this weekend.

My mood continues to maintain its lightness. SUCH a nice change.

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