Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Taking Stock

How I felt in the doctor's office today...weight hasn't changed one iota. Didn't really expect it to, but there's always that hope...

Luckily, my newish doctor is a doll...started me on the new Rx on my word as a former nutbar and ordered the appropriate bloodwork for the file. And she's a runner and health nut, so seeing her gives me a lift, reminds me of how I'd like to live.

Outside: Florida.

Inside: annoying.

Wearing: nothing noteworthy.

Creating: money.

Reading: The Contrary Farmer by Gene Logsdon and Taproot.

Going: hopefully to the farmer's market on Saturday....ANY farmers' market!

I can keep the OT from shredding me too badly and get some stuff done this weekend. I'm going to get back to the Y. I'm going to continue eating healthy. Did some yoga last night, which helped. I'm going to continue packing and purging. I'm hoping to start organizing my thoughts regarding the move: potential towns, potential job markets, potential living areas. I'm going to be kind to myself.

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