Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Marking time

When we have a house, my dining room table will have a table runner, placemats, and napkins made of some kind of cloth...

I'm buried in OT this week, but my thoughts are outdoors. Jenna and Amanda were both rewarded with lambs this week, and the pics are exquisite. I can feel the oh-so-soft fleece run through my fingers as I pet the lambs, checking that their eyes and ears are clear. I can feel my now-practiced hands running over the mother ewe's body, ensuring that everything that was supposed to happen during labor has. My fingers are breaking up clods left by the hand tiller, so I can plant seedlings. I reach into the nesting boxes to gather eggs, and my eyes scrutinize the flock for signs of illness. I push my bangs out of my eyes and it leaves dirt streaks across my forehead.

It can't be bad to indulge these dreams. Keeps me sane, if a little wistful. I know it'll be years before we can afford "real" livestock (the kind with 4 hooves), but I hope to at least start a garden at our first rental house. The OT this week will be a bitch, but it'll finally get me into my new custom orthotics and sneakers (assuming the car trouble is behind us for now).

I'm back reading the Encyclopedia of Country Living and thinking about other references I want in my library. I'm thinking about making meals from home again, and learning to can and make dairy products. Spring has brought a surge of things I want to learn. I caved to bad food today at lunch, because I didn't have it in me to open a can of tuna this morning...what the hell?! When we have wheat bread coming out of our ears at home, because there was a BOGO deal @ Publix! I will be SO glad to be back on the lithium, even just for a little while. It orders my thoughts and gives me such focus.

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