Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Taking Stock

Doesn't feel quite like Wednesday, thanks to my day off Monday. Not complaining.

The pic is a nod to the fact that every time I think that keeping sheep might be too much trouble down the road, I find another shepherding blogger who makes it sound amazing...I know, I know, I have almost no clue, it's a long way off, allow me my dreams...

Woke up grumpy, but I appear to be rallying. Just the usual restlessness, which started last night when I had to do a quick load of laundry amongst my colorful neighbors in a laundry room that smelled like someone else's feet...and continued as I trudged to work today at a job that tends to bore the crap outta me...

8. More. Months. Dang.

It's quite tenuous still, the move. We are going to have to sweet talk someone into renting to us. I have to find a job up there. Les finding a job would be nice too. He's talking about it more, again. I'm patient. He's quite limited in what he can do, both because of his health sitch and his education; but we'll figure something out.

Then there's the finances...the unforeseen bills that we were saddled with via my flexible spending account came at exactly the wrong time (thanks again, IRS, for systematically punishing us a little more each year for being able to save that money pre-tax). My custom orthotics are only half paid for, and I still need new sneakers. The car's OK for now, but I'm not relaxing on that; so there's additional costs to anticipate. I'm squirreling money like never before, which is a good thing; but I hate it being so earmarked, so already spent. Silly adulthood. Such is life.

Outside: tempering just a smidge, thank goodness...nearly hit 90 for 2 days there. Too dang early in the year to be sweating.

Inside: sterile.

Wearing: Husby calls 'em my Frankenstein shoes. I call 'em comfy.

Creating: hmm...muffins? Homemade pizza?

Reading: Outlander, the Terry Walters books, Encyclopedia of Country Living.

Going: yea, seen those gas prices?

Since there's no point in killing myself for OT this week (would have to work 8 extra hours just to get into OT range, and I'm not feeling it), I'll use the time to relax and regroup. The silly intestinal distress of last weekend meant the dining area got ignored, and it's bad, good thing it's nowhere near an exit, cuz it's a fire hazard over there...time to repack some boxes, purge some others, and generally keep myself busy so I don't get depressed over the fact that there's no point in spending money on dirt and seeds because the ducks keep flying up to our porch and knocking shit over.

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