Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Bit of a pensive week here...listening to myself a bit.

The weekend was OK. Slipped off the rails a bit as both the Hubs and myself dealt with a touch of food poisoning. Nothing too awful, but an interesting reminder about the state/perils of the food industry. We think it was the catfish from Publix, but we're not sure. Luckily, it was really mild, as food poisonings go, but still, made me very glad I've adopted this eat-from-home approach. Even though we made the meal in question, I've been feeling nothing but good about having homemade meals/snacks at hand. We're spending a pinch more money on food that's SO much better for us, and we're not spending at all during the week as a result.

Still, with OT on Saturday and a seriously out-of-sorts Sunday, I woke up Monday CRAVING sleep and still feeling bleh, so I called into work and crashed til noon (something I rarely do). Then I puttered, grocery shopped, and puttered some more, and I feel way refreshed today, thank goodness. It was a wake-up call that while I may put my brain on an autopilot of sorts to get through these OT sessions, that coping mechanism ain't exactly the healthiest state to stick around in for too long.

Made blueberry maple muffins ala Eating Well, that came out surprisingly good. Overcooked my first try at granola, but I'm sure it'll be OK with milk or yogurt accompanying. Have meal ideas in the hopper for the week, and I froze half the shepherd's pie I made last night, so it wouldn't go to waste. Haven't eaten out in more than a week. The Domino's crave hit for a short time on Sunday night, but I shoved it aside and made a barley/red bean concoction instead that ain't great, but will suffice for lunch a couple of times this week. And then I bought the fixings for homemade pizza.

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